Lunch Box Tomato Rice Recipe – (Lycopene rich foods)

Lunch Box Tomato Rice Recipe – (Lycopene rich foods) video:

More about Lunch Box Tomato Rice Recipe – (Lycopene rich foods): Discover one of the easy vegetarian lunch box recipes – how to make tomato rice – and explore the why & how of an Antioxidant rich diet.

Tomato rice (called Thakkali Sadam in Tamil) is one of the very popular tomato recipes. And tomato is one of the best Lycopene rich food! Lycopene is known to have anti cancer properties.

The rice used in this recipe is a traditional rice variety from Tamilnadu called Poongar rice. For very good reasons, this variety is called “Women’s Rice”, as it is one of the iron rich foods.

Ingredients for Lunch box Tomato rice recipe:
1. Cooked rice- Two cups
2. Chopped Tomotoes— 3 medium sized
3. Oil—Groundnut oil or any other edible oil- 3 Tbsp
4, Cardomom— 5 to 6
5. Fennel seeds—1 Tbsp
6. Cloves—5 to 6
7. Cinnamon sticks—4 to 5 small pieces
8. Bay leaf—1 to 3 pieces
9. Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
10. Chilli powder- ½ Tsp
11. Jaggery powder-1/2 Tsp( Optional)
12. Salt to taste
13. Chopped Coriander leaves for garnishing

Chopped onoin may be optionally added at the start before sauteing the tomatoes.

I would recommend that you should consider use of organic ingredients from the point of view of health and well-being of yourself and your family. If you choose to use organic ingredients, you could consider sourcing it from Bio Basics at the link given below:

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