New Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

Everyone that watches evening TV knows Jillian Michaels name. Jillian has been on the Biggest Loser for all but one of the 11 seasons and this year will probably be her last.

Since the start of the Biggest Loser series Jillian has trained every single winner of the series except for the one season that she sat out of. This season though is going to be the last according to Jillian Michaels she let her Twitter and Facebook fans back in December that she was finished and wanted to move on to other things in her life including adopting children and traveling.

Bob Harper and Jillian have been fun for me as a fitness and TV fan to watch over the last few years so I started to look around to see what options and even if we could get more substance from Jillian. We do maybe have her other TV show where Jillian works with families but who knows if that show will be renewed.

We may be losing Jillian on TV but we will still see Jillian online. There is a diet that Jillian runs that includes lots of stuff like personalized eating plans, exercise plans tailored to you, and lots of tips and tricks for getting your head in the right place so that you can make sure that even after you lose the weight that you will not gain it back.

The great thing about the Jillian Michaels plan is that even without paying for it there is a free set of eating and exercise tips personalized by asking you a few things in a quick questionaire.

I personally took this questionaire as I wanted to see the quality. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking a few questions and telling you what to do seemed too easy and vague. In taking the test it looked like Jillian Michaels is not just giving us fluff. The answers looks like it is good for everyone. The results that I got seemed to look at my body type and then told me how to eat and exercise. Impressive which is great for anyone and then of course if you are interested they will sell you the diet.

I am not sure if this diet is for you. You are the only one that can decide what you are looking for but at least we know that there is some substance behind the Jillian Michaels name.

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