Putting A Low Cholesterol Diet to Work For You

A low cholesterol diet can help you reach the weight loss goals you have been driving towards. Before looking further into the diet aspects of low cholesterol it's important to understand what cholesterol does for your body.

Your body requires cholesterol for many different purposes. The main thing cholesterol does is digest fats, create cellular walls and manufacture hormones, among other things vital to your bodies health.

While cholesterol can be a good thing for your body too much of it can be harmful. A constant overload in cholesterol is known to cause high blood pressure and all the ailments that come with it like heart disease. This is where taking on a low cholesterol diet will really help you. You'll get to dodge unhealthy problems such as these.

Basically, the low cholesterol diet involves keeping a close eye on your intake of foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fats. Pay close attention to your food groups. Our main source of cholesterol is from things like red meat, egg yolk, as well as dairy products like cheese and whole milk.

While it's a smart idea to reduce your consumption of high-cholesterol foods like this it is not a good idea to cut them out completely since cholesterol still provides many benefits to your body. So completely eliminating cholesterol from your diet probably would not be a good idea.

Your low cholesterol diet should also be complimented with a healthy and consistent dose of exercise. You can keep it to something easy, like a daily walk. If you have a pool in your backyard, use it for exercise. The local gym will also give you plenty of different ways to put your heart rate up.

Get your necessary vitamins from fruit and veggies. Do not ever fry your foods. This only increases the cholesterol content. Opt instead to reduce the cholesterol with alternative cooking methods like grilling or roasting. If a recipe calls for cooking oil, opt for a healthier low fat oil that is typically available at your local market.

As you can see there are plenty of healthy ways the low cholesterol diet can work for you.

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