Secrets of the Negative Calorie Food Diet

I know there are many diets out there promoting the moon. The great sales pages say "you will lose 50 lbs. With little to know exercise while eating the foods you love"; however, this makes no sense, if you could lose weight in this way, then there would be no weight problems to begin with. The negative calorie food diet is actually based on the scientific knowledge that in order to lose weight, you must limit the intake of calories.

Now, I'll get to the secrets of this diet.

1. Typically, you should start slowly and gradually assimilate negative calorie foods into the diet. These foods should not be the only foods in the diet, but rather part of a "semi-balanced diet".

2. Have a basic understanding of what the negative calorie food diet is and the foods we are talking about. Negative calorie foods are not foods that have less than 0 calories (that would be impossible); they are foods that use up more calories during digestion than they supply, thus resulting in a net loss of calories.

3. A quick list of negative calorie foods:

a. Apples

b. Beets

c. Cantaloupes

d. Cauliflower

e. Eggplant

f. Onions

g. Papayas

h. Strawberries

i. Zucchini

4. Many of the foods that are part of the negative calorie food diet will increase your metabolism. This is because they consist of mostly fiber and complex carbohydrates.

5. Going back to secret # 1. Do not eat food that is really bad for you (fast food loaded in fat). I used the term "semi-balanced" because I realize that most people will have trouble achieving a truly balanced diet, but you should try as hard as you can to weed out the "junk food" from your diet.

6. Have a solid support system. This is true for just about any significant change in your life. There will be times where you have doubts, but if you have people that care about you, then they will encourage you, and you increase the chances of success while following the negative calorie food diet.

This diet is not like the other diets out there that are bound to frustrate you. The negative calorie food diet is not fasting and it is not some scam diet that promises results without an effort. Bottom line: If you are willing to put in a little effort, this will almost always do wonders for you.

Source of Secrets of the Negative Calorie Food Diet by Zach Felling – author of Secrets of the Negative Calorie Food Diet article

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