Some Liquid Diet Recipes

You can go on a liquid diet for many reasons. It may be for shedding some weight or detoxifying your body, because of functional problems in your digestive system such as difficulty in digesting solid food, etc. You may sometimes be advised to go on a liquid diet before or after a surgery. Liquid diets are not limited to clear soups, milk and water; fruit juices and punches and milk shakes can also be included. Lime juice by itself is considered to be a liquid diet recipe because of the many health benefits that it provides. Honey adds flavor and taste. Even smooth ice creams, yogurts and gelatin can be added to your diets to make it more exciting. Soups can include both chicken and vegetable soups.

However, you should plan your liquid diet such that you get all the necessary nutrients that your body requires. For breakfast, milk and fresh fruit juices are ideal. Meat or chicken soup may be good for lunch and dinner. Smooth ice creams, yogurts, jellies, etc. can be had as desserts. In between meals, you can have lime juice with honey or even fruit punches.

Liquid Diet Recipe for Lunch or Dinner – The Caffeinated Banana

This tasty drink will keep you going till your next meal or snack.


Low fat milk – one glass Whole banana – one teaspoon Granulated coffee – half a teaspoon Brown sugar or Stevia –


Mix all the ingredients in a blender to a liquid consistency and serve.

Liquid Diet Recipe for Weight Loss – Asian Mix Soup

It takes less than an hour to prepare the soup.


Chicken broth – 2 cups Peanut oil – 1 table spoon Fresh ginger chopped – quarter cup Soy sauce – half a cup Rice wine vinegar – quarter cup Brown sugar – 2 table spoons Corn starch – half a cup Cut firm tofu – 10 ounces Straw mushrooms – 8 ounces Drained bamboo shoots – 8 ounces Red pepper flakes – 1 tea spoon Mixed vegetables – 32 ounces Spinach – 10 ounces Chopped cilantro – quarter cup


Cook ginger, peanut oil for 3 to 4 min on medium heat. Mix 1 cup of broth with cornstarch and transfer it to the pot. Add tofu, sugar, bamboo shoots, broth, mushrooms, soy sauce, vinegar, red pepper flakes and boil to a thick consistency. Add the remaining ingredients except spinach. Add spinach after 10 minutes and keep the soup on the stove for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Liquid Diet Recipe for Breakfast, After Surgery, etc. – Fruit and Bran Juice


Apple – one Orange – one Bran flakes – half a cup Plain yogurt – half a cup Wheat germs – A small amount of other fruits can also be added according to your preference.


Mix the ingredients with water in a blender. Serve the juice in tall glasses. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare fruit and bran juice.

Apples – four numbers Water – five cups Stevia – 4 sachets Cinnamon – one teaspoon Optionally, you can add pumpkin seeds and coves


Place sliced ​​apples in a sauce pan and add water, stevia, cinnamon and any other spice of your choice. Simmer for 30-40 minutes till the apples become soft. The apples and cider can be served hot as fruit and liquid desserts.

Healthy liquid diet promotes smooth functioning of your body systems. By carefully designing your liquid diet plan to include calories, proteins and fiber, you can easily manage hunger.

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