Sonoma Diet Review – Pros & Cons

All weight loss regimens have benefits and injuries. The key is in finding the one program that best fits your lifestyle and budget. The Sonoma Diet has both pros and cons, but can extremely help you lose undesired weight for good.

The best feature of this diet plan by far, is that there are no counting calories or grams of any kind. It teaches proper placement control, a sometimes hard to find feature among trendy diets.

A few of the other benefits that are worth mentioning are the focus on what you can eat (rather than what you can not), eating slowly, nutrition and structure. Many other diets do not provide sufficient nutrition and expect you to educate yourself on the matter.

This program emphasizes whole foods instead of prepared meals, which teachers its users how to make well rounded meals using a variety of fresh vegetables. This is a great diet for those who enjoy cooking and learning how to best feed their bodies with healthy choices.

Some of the cons worth mentioning are that it is a very low calorie diet and offers little flexibility depending on your starting weight. Most individuals will have a difficult time in sustaining the low caloric intake that this plan recommends.

Another serious drawback is that vegetable intake is limited due to the seven inch plate rule. Typically, fresh vegetables should be encouraged in an unlimited quantity, especially as a snack to sustain you until your next meal.

There are no substitutions for whole foods. Although ideal, not everyone can afford whole food substitutes all of the time. There is no plan for dealing with a carb crash, while will inevitably happen on this low-carb diet. Be aware of inconsistencies on this diet.

While no diet plan has all of the right answers, the Sonoma Diet has both significant pros and cons. It is beneficial for every individual to be aware of both as they begin their journey to healthful wellness and weight control.

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