Tips For a Wheat Free Diet

Those who have discovered they need a wheat free diet should know they are not alone. There are many people who suffer from food allergies across the globe, and luckily, food companies are starting to recognize this. The FDA has enacted stricter standards when it come to labeling, so that people on special diets don’t run the risk of ending up in the hospital because they ate something they weren’t supposed to. That also means that people with wheat allergies, or that can’t digest gluten should also be extra careful to read labels when buying food in the grocery store. Many of the foods contain some kind of wheat, whether in whole or in part. There are also many products that don’t contain wheat in any form. Taking your time, making sure the ingredients are wheat free, is the first and most important tip to making sure you stay on your diet.

There are general guidelines for people on a wheat free diet, and some websites have even put together lists of some of the foods you can and cannot eat, or drink. If you have a chance, you should try to find some of these sites. In general, some of the beverages you can have are fruit juices, regular as well as decaffeinated coffee, soda, milk and cocoa. Things you can drink are any kind of products made from wheat, and unfortunately for some, this includes root beer, and even regular beer, as well as ales. No instant drink mixes, coffee substitutes, or cereal drinks.

Here are some of the foods that you need to know about when you are on a wheat free diet. Any kind of bread that is wheat free, cornmeal, oat flour, rice flour, or potato starch is all right to eat. Anything made from corn is safe, as long as there are no added ingredients that contain wheat. Rice as well is okay. Normally barley, soy and other products would be okay, but since these contain gluten, they have been left out for those who can’t eat gluten as well. You can have a variety of different meats, as long as they aren’t breaded, and don’t contain fillers that have wheat products in them. Meatloaf, prepared meat patties, and some hot dogs and sausage contain wheat fillers, so it is a good idea to avoid these products. Any kind of fruits, vegetables, or nuts are okay to eat as well.

For more tips and information on a wheat free diet, you need to go online. There are many resources to choose from, some that have more complete listings for the foods you can and can’t eat when you can’t have any wheat products. You can also find an abundance of websites offering a wide variety of wheat, as well as gluten free cook books and recipes. You can even find recipes for desserts, and online companies that offer cookies, breads, and healthy snacks that contain no wheat or gluten. They are a great resource for people on a wheat free diet, or think they have a wheat or gluten intolerance.

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