Weight Loss Tips – Why Low a Carb Diet Won’t Work

Are you following a low carb diet? Have you hit a plateau that you just can’t seem to get passed? Do you realise some low carb diets are very bad for your health, even though you may have lost some weight with them?

The gurus of the diet industry know how to exploit your negative emotions. They understand your depression, guilt and despair. And what do they do? They use your emotions against you. The people who run this industry blame you for the failure of their diets. They say that you failed to follow their diet correctly. They never once concede that they’re peddling a dodgy product that never stood a chance of working. The truth is: their diet failed you.

The Illusion Of Success With Low Carb Diets

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets are supposed to bring about massive weight loss. And for a while they ‘succeeded’ for many people. People lost lots of weight by cutting out bread, pasta and potatoes. Instead, they tucked into huge steaks and piles of bacon. It seemed to be a miracle diet. But over time people started craving carbohydrates. They dreamed of foods such as toast and pasta until they could resist them no more.

And eventually the miracle diet began to look just like any other. That is, it could help people lose weight in the short term but not forever. The cravings eventually became too hard to resist. It doesn’t matter which diet people go on, they are all doomed to failure. The very notion of dieting simply goes against the grain of human nature.

Dietitians and health clinics constantly receive letters and emails from overweight people. They all contain phrases such as ‘I couldn’t stick to the diet’, ‘I gave in to temptation’, ‘I lost control’. These dieters are far too forgiving. If you’re anything like the dieters who write letters, then you should be castigating the creators of the diets that fail to work. You should be congratulating yourself for having the willpower and intelligence to quit the diet habit. You did your best, but it’s simply not possible to follow a diet. To lose weight, you’ll need to Do Something Different. And if all you’ve been getting in the past is dieting-depression, won’t that make a nice change?

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