What Is a Cookie Diet?

By dieting we restrict our intake of food to certain food items to achieve a targeted weight and body structure. In the case of professionals like sportspersons and actors, they are compelled to take up a strict diet regimes. Cookie diet is one such kind of a diet with the help of which we acquire the desired nutrient. In cookie diet, there are cookies containing desired nutrients, the intake of which in appropriate quantities and times bring the desired results. Replacement of meals takes place with cookies. These are hunger controlling cookies which are taken in place of meals. Smart for life cookie diet, Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet and R&D Diet Cookie are examples of some diet plans which are available in market today.

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet was produced by Dr. Siegal who is a renowned weight lose expert, physician and author. He conducted vast research on the subject of dieting and food before bringing this diet plan in market in the year 1975. This diet plan came out in the market as a result of avid research and study which was further fortified by Dr. Siegal's experience with his patients and his knowledge. Since the time it has come in the market, it has had many buyers who have been invariably benefited by it. It has been proving effective on people since those 35 years. It has had a whopping number of 500,000 dieters across the world. It has also had hundreds of doctors as its users. This diet plan can also boast of being prescribed by these doctors to their needy patients. This diet has received tremendously good response worldwide and has had many beneficiaries. Dr. Siegal is the author of the 2001 book "Is your thyroid making you fat?" in which he elaborated the effects of thyroid on the body. This book was read by people who were keen to know the facts regarding health and has granted them vital information. Dr. Sanford Siegal's diet plan consists of six cookies which are eaten in a day. In the place of meals, these six cookies are eaten which provides the body with sufficient amount of nutrients and energy. Only one meal that is supper is involved in this diet plan. With this they have to take sufficient amount of liquids. It is a very low calorie diet which does not lack in any important nutrients. An approximate calorie count of this diet is 800 calorie per day. Along with this, the carbohydrates intake is near about 70 grams per day. All these vital information takes us to the conclusion that this diet plan is very low in calorie and carbohydrates.

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