Holiday Eating – Oh, No!

Well I think I all went in the holidays with good intentions. But all my strategies flew out the window. First of all why do I buy all the foods we love. I know I are going to eat them! As soon as I set the trays out I am munching on this and that. All the time validating my actions. (We will go for a walk tomorrow!)

Now it is time to eat the main meal. Are I am executing my plan of action or going back to the same eating pattern I have had for years? How many calories did I eat on that big day?

I challenge you to sit down and try to be honest with your self and write down what you think you ate through out the whole day. You will be shocked at the amount of food you consumed. Even if you nibble on little things all day. Asked yourself if it was the game plan that you started the day with. You will probably answer that with a “NO”.

But this is a great time to become aware of how you can make a change.This is why a daily food journal is do important. It is not only about writing what you eat down. It is writing your feelings, exercise, and strategies for important times like the holidays.

So not we just need to get past the guilt of no self control. And realize that today is a new day and time to take action. Do not wait for tomorrow.Try a good cleansing program. I always do after the holidays. I eat so many different foods. Since I have helped so many clients to get to their goal weight, but I also helped them maintain their weight. One of my secrets is the 10 Day Master Cleanse , it has a great cleansing recipe. There are others, but my clients love how they feel after.

Here is a challenge – 10 minutes of exercise or walking is better that doing nothing. So start moving! Don’t make your lifestyle change too over whelming. But make a change now.

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