Holiday Survival Tips For Expectant Moms

A few years ago I was expecting and eagerly anticipating the arrival of our fist child January 7th, my due date. Everyone said "oh would not it be great to have a Christmas baby", and then when Christmas passed and no baby it became "would not it be great to have the New Years Baby." I was not thrilled about either idea. Many of the nurses agreed and said "No, It is not fun being here at New Years with all the drunken husbands who think their wives are going into labor and rush them into the hospital." We made it past New Years and our son was born on January 5th with all his fingers and toes. So I survived the holiday season … but just barely. We got home and the nurse that visits the next day to check on the new addition and tells me "Congratulations, you had the New Years Baby for This Region" so low and beh our son was the 2005 New Years baby for Devon, AB.

I thought I would share some tips on surviving the Holiday season that expecting moms might find helpful. My biggest word of advice is "Let go, rest and enjoy. Try not to get upbeat about making everything perfect or trying to please everyone. During the last few days and weeks of every pregnancy there are so many doctors' appointments and check up that even just that can be exhausting and time consuming. Sometimes just getting the winter apparel on can overheat you and be strenuous. tasty Christmas treats. I'm a chocolate lover, so this was the hardest part. I remember Grocery shopping close to Christmas and breaking down and buying a chocolate bar that I think I tried to eat in one bite. sending an alcoholic to the liquor store, at the front door of every store, was Dark Chocolate, mild chocolate and more white chocolate everywhere I looked.

So here are some tips for pregnant "Moms to be" over the holidays:

o Plan ahead as much as you can, get everything organized and ready as well pack your hospital bag early.
o Let other people help with errands or house work. Make a list; they can pick up groceries or last minute gifts. You do not have to do everything yourself.
o Learn to "let go" and not worry about having everything perfect. Try NOT to go overboard on the decorations, remember they have to be put away after as well
o Get lots of rest through the holiday Season (trust me you will not get much rest after)
o Try not to plan too many outings or do too much running around, enjoy the holidays.
o If you have other children enjoy Christmas through their eyes and do not get cooked up in the commercialized version of the season. Allow this holiday to be simple and fun.
o Allow yourself to say "no" to some commitments without guilt, and do things out of pure joy and not obligation!
o Treasure these days and excitment, no matter when the baby arrives, they are miracles' and their arrival is beyond your control.
o Treat yourself to something relaxing that you enjoy, a spa day or reading a book.

Look after yourself over the season. Your "well" needs to be full to be able to give to others and fully experience the Wonder of Birth and what your body has created over the past 10 months.

Source of Holiday Survival Tips For Expectant Moms by Kimberly Schick-Puddicombe – author of Holiday Survival Tips For Expectant Moms article

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