Important Aspects Of A Perfect Vacation Spot

Plan your trip properly
The cool breeze blowing in from the sea, the wafting aroma of freshly steamed lobsters, a great view of the dusk with the thinnest tip of golden sunrays caressing the sand on the beach, the sweetness of chilled mojitos … now that is heaven for any holiday bird. After ten long and tiring months of hectic schedules and office works, people look forward for the summer, when they can finally go on a vacation and relax without any tensions or worries. And when the word vacation is brought up, the first image that creeps into our minds is that of an island with a calm beach, an ideal home and lots of greenery. Well, if you are among those people looking for relief from stress, then just pack your bags and go on a trip to any of those beautiful islands … Maarten or Hawaii … it's your choice. But before you plan your trip with one of those travel agents and book a ticket, let us take some time and analyze all those things which an ideal retreat spot should have, so that you do not end up in the wrong place.

The location
The location is one of the most important factors which you should consider, before planning a trip. An island with a calm beach would be the ideal holiday destination, due to the serene, cool atmosphere such a locale can provide. Ensure that there is lots of greenery in the island. Being in the middle of soothing greenery and blue waters can have a great relaxing effect on your mind. If you are on an adventure trip or safari, you could consider a desert, jungle or even some historical place. But since you are looking for a quiet and calm break, an island with cool breeze would be the perfect choice.

The food
The food should be cheap as well as soothing (well, expensive food can not do much in brightening up your mood). Ensure that fresh seafood is available round the clock (seafood is a mood enhancer and goes well with the backdrop of an island) along with a variety of local cuisines (ethnic cuisine plays an important role in getting you into the mood of being a part of the place). But in case you get bored with the same every day delicacies, a backup of your homely cuisine should also be available. A good supply of fresh coconut water and cocktails are other indispensable elements of a perfect retreat.

The stay
A spacious villa, condo or inn (which can be rented) facing the sea is preferred. The windows should be large and open enough for the light breeze to sweep in and lift up your mood. The rooms should be well furnished and complete with all the necessary amenities like TV, refrigerator, dryer, water heater, AC, bedding, cutlery etc along with a large swimming pool. The room service must also be good, with regular cleaning and maintenance. And yes, beautiful flowing curtains on the windows are must, if you value visual beauty. Apart from the aspect of beauty, the place should also be safe enough and well equipped (with hurricane shutters, emergency exits etc) to counter any natural hazards like hurricanes and storms.

The locals
Cannibal tribes and unfriendly locales infesting beautiful islands are things of the past, and can be found only in fiction these days. Most of the islands designated for tourists are small towns with civil modern population, and maintained by professional organizations and corporate companies. But even still, ensure that you will be able to build a good rapport with the natives. Learn at least few words in the native language, and also read and study a lot about the local culture and customs. Having a local travel guide with you will help a lot. If you manage to build up a friendly relation with the natives, your stay would become more enjoyable, as you will be getting lots of opportunities to socialize.

Entertainment and nightlife
Entertainment is an important part of a good holiday. A perfect spot would be full of opportunities for entertainment and nightlife like casinos, discos and pubs, where you can down a few mugs of beers and cocktails and have a great time. But if you are looking for something simpler, then a bonfire party with barbeques would do the trick.

Other amenities
Holiday spots should also have all necessary amenities at accessible distances. Police station, airport, local transport stand, post office, bank, pharmacy, ATM, internet cafés, hospitals, stationery stores and grocery stores etc should be nearby to your place and always accessible in case of emergency.

Some places to visit
Some cool places to spend your summer days in absolute peace would be St. Louis. Maarten islands, Hawaii island, Palm islands (Dubai), Goa (India) etc which are full of luxurious villas, condos and inns set in the mid of scenic beauty to give you the best time of your life.

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