Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Losing weight is something that a lot of people are thinking about right now. The holidays are getting close and people tend to gain a lot of weight because they can not go outdoors with it being cold. There is no need to gain a lot of weight during the holidays. I am going to provide some tips that will help you not gain any weight around this time.

When you are shopping, instead of buying a lot of junk food items, look for healthy low calorie food items. You will find that there are many low calorie food items that have red and green coloring making it perfect for the holidays, even low calorie chocolate for the chocolate lovers. If you don’t know what a lot of the food items are you can always research online and see what is out there that you might like. Before you go shopping, you should have a detailed list of what you are going to get and only stick with the list.

It’s very easy for people to forget about exercise during the holidays because of how cold the weather can get but it’s still really important for you to get exercise. You can walk in place and do other indoor activities that will help. All that is required is that you at least do 15 minutes worth of exercise in the home everyday. It is not a lot but most people don’t bother doing them. That 15 minutes work out could help you lose 2 pounds or either stop you from gaining 2 pounds.

While people are at home and not outside much, they tend to drink hot drinks such as coffee or hot chocolate. Both of those drinks are very good but hot chocolate has tons of sugar in it unless if you buy the low calorie one or sugar free drink. Instead of drinking those have some water. Most people recommend that you get at least 8 or 6 oz of water every day.

Another thing that can help you to lose weight around the holidays is not watching a lot of TV when you’re home. People tend to watch all of their favorite holiday movies and have popcorn or junk food. If you must watch TV, have a healthy snack ready, like vegetables or fruit instead of popcorn. This will help you keep the weight off.

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