Things to Do on Holiday in Montenegro

Montenegro is becoming more and more popular with holiday makers staying in holiday homes. Many families now go on holiday to Montenegro and stay in holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments. Montenegro is a small country with a lot of interesting places to visit.

It is a country full of natural beauty and warm friendly people. Kotor is one of the most popular and interesting places to visit while on vacation to Montenegro and it is located near the Croatian Border. This is an old immaculate city where the mini Dubrovnik sits on the Boka Kotorska. You can also visit the former capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, which is a sleepy town. This town is known for monasteries, a lovely museum and for its mansions. Many tourists stay in self catering holiday apartments in Cetinje.

There is only one train in this amazing place, which leaves from Bar on the coast and has destinations at Podgorica and Belgrade. From this place, you can travel anywhere in Europe. The airport is located in Dubrovnik and there are various cheap air flights from some of the major European cities to Montenegro and from Dubrovnik to Montenegro.

Kotor is located in the north side of the most beautiful bay in Montenegro. It is a city of sailors and traders and there are many tales to tell about this place and great historic buildings to marvel and also important cultural sites to see. Because of all its historical background, Kotor is named a UNESCO World Heritage site and every year, there are lots of festivals and carnivals in the city which brings joy to both the locals and the tourists. It is possible to stay in self catering holiday apartments during these carnivals.

In Kotor there are some great places to see and it has some of the best architecture in Montenegro. Popular sites with tourists staying in self catering holiday accommodation in Montenegro are the St. Luke's Church, St. Tryphon Cathedral and St. Ozana Church. Other popular sites are the Drago Palace, the Piazza of the arms, Grubonia Palace and some of the historic walking areas like the City Walls.

The Sveti Stefan Island is an island which has become glamorous and a luxurious summer retreat place. It has beautiful beaches and the sea is clean and clear. In recent years holiday villas with swimming pools have been built near to the shore line.

There are various lakes, canyons, beaches and mountains in Montenegro. Lovers of the outdoors can rent holiday cottages and hike and walk in the mountains. It is a country full of interesting places with both historic cities and unspoilt rural sanctuaries along with historic monuments to explore.

In the winter months skiing is popular in Montenegro and tourists can stay in one of the ski chalets that are available to rent direct from their owners.

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