Workout Success During the Holidays

Year after year it sees as the holiday season approaches the numbers on the scale rise as quickly as the temperatures fall. Who can blame us, with all the holiday food, parties, and mom's home cooking where the main ingredient is butter; its only natural to put on a few pounds. But, by using a system developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine called FITTE, you'll be able to make this holiday season your fittest ever.

Frequency: this reiterates to the number of given training sessions in a timeframe that will help you reach your goal. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends frequent activity preferably every day of the week even if it's for 15-30 minutes at a time.

Intensity: returns to level of physical stress that your specific activity places on your body. The easiest way to measure this is to monitor your heart rate. The general rule of thumb is to keep your heart rate moderate, which will aid you in a moderate exercise routine, but will not be intense enough to cause exhaustion or breathlessness right away. An intensity of 60 to 90% of maximum heart rate is recommended for improved fitness levels.

Time: reiter to the length of time you will perform the activity. On average, 30 minutes of total activity is recommended each day. However, your 30 minutes could have achieved combination of activities totaling 30 minutes. (ie: 15 minutes on a rowing machine and 15 minutes on the treadmill). To improve your fitness levels a similar method of combining activity is recommended for 30 to 60 minutes.

Type: refer to the type of activity you choose. For general health requirements this could mean doing basic household chores, or for improved fitness levels this could be of the activities found at your gym (cardio machines, aerobics classes, and weight training) or playing sports. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it keeps you moving.

Enjoyment: returns to the fun you get from your activity. Enjoyment is the most overlooked piece when establishing a successful fitness program. If you do not like what you're doing, you will not force yourself to do it! Choose something that goes along with your personality and interests. You will be much more apt to continue a fitness regimen that is fun and challenging!

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