5 Must Know Facts About Vegetables Juice

Vegetables juice is a great way to get all the nutrients we need for the day. By drinking a full glass of juice, we get all the minerals and vitamins we need for a healthy function of our system. Before we learn the 5 most important "Must know" facts about vegetables juice, we should take notice of the fact that most of the shakes we drink are Fruit based, and not vegetables based. The difference is big and it is important to understand. While a vegetables based juice is great for our nutrition, it also keeps our blood sugar level balanced (as long as we do not put roots, such as carrots in it). On the other hand, fruit juice, or a smoothie, will increase our blood-sugar level, and it is considered very very unhealthy.

The must-know facts about vegetables juice –

First fact – Drinking one glass of vegetables-juice a day can help us get the nutrients we need to keep us healthy and full of energy on today's fast-lane life. It is very common for people who live the modern life to lack the right nutrients in their body for the simple reason of lacking time. Making a salad is a time consuming activity, and some vegetables are harder to cut and process then others. Busy people with a fast life-style find themselves grabbing a snack and a coffee, instead of a full healthy meal. Adding a glass of juice in the morning or some time throughout the day can help us bridge the gap of lacking nutrients created by our lack of time.

Second fact – It is a great way for us to get those extra vegetables we do not usually eat into our diet. While there are usually favorite vegetables we include in our meals, some are usually left out. We all have our favorites, and the ones that are simply available, and even the ones we have decided are healthier for us. We find ourselves eating those vegetables and avoiding others. If we add one or two of these forgotten vegetables into our daily diet through juicing them up, we can get the nutritional values ​​they offer, that are otherwise unavailable for us.

Third fact – It is a great way to get the body what it needs when we cannot chew or when we are having a hard time swallowing. If you have been to the dentist lately, you know what I am talking about. We are hungry, but our teeth hurts, or our throat is a little sore. Our body demands the nutrition it deserve, but we dread the thought of eating a solid meal. By drinking a vegetables juice we supply our body with what it needs to get through the day until we can chew again.

Forth fact – It is an excellent way to introduce vegetables to our digestion system. If we are used to eating fast food, or simply do not like vegetables on the plate, starting to eat raw vegetables might be a bit hard on our system. So if we follow the news trend and trying to eat healthy, we may get an easier start by introducing vegetables to our digestion system slowly and in liquid form.

Fifth fact (and maybe most important one) – Vegetables juice is a great way to help the body recuperate from a disease. While we are sick, we are usually not hungry at all. One of the main reasons for that is that digesting takes a lot of energy from the body, energy that is now needed mostly for fighting the disease. Because of that, our body shuts down the feeling of hunger, making sure we keep an empty stomach thus giving the immune system the energy it needs without interruption. The downside of that is that if we have a background of an unbalanced diet, or if the disease lasts more than 48 hours or so, we might find our selves in a situation where we do not feel hungry, yet the immune system has exhausted our resources and it actually needs to digest some new materials to keep up the fight for our health. Introducing vegetables to a system in such distress, or any food for that matters, could be very hard. A good way to give the body the nutrients it needs in an easy-to-digest form is by drinking a vegetables juice.

I recommend drinking juice at least twice a week, and to those of us that can do it, even four or five. Now that we have seen the five must know facts about vegetables juice, we are ready to go and explore for ourselves.

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