A List of Vegetables That Cure Diabetes

You can't imagine how amazing it is to finally have a way to cure diabetes. We have been waiting for this for so long and we can finally provide something to put a smile on all our patients' faces. I would like to give you a great list of vegetables that will help make your life a lot easier as a diabetic, and start you on your way to becoming diabetes-free.


Maybe the idea of ​​eating a lot of spinach grosses you out, but it shouldn't. Spinach can be mixed with cheese to make an amazing omelet in the morning. You can add garlic and onions and make a quiche. How about a salad? It can be delicious and you should eat a lot of it. Why? It is an EXCELLENT meal for people with diabetes. It can greatly help decrease the amount of glucose in your body. Eat it!


We all know that diabetics suffer from thirst. Therefore you should be eating lots of cucumbers since they are packed full of nutrients and water. It is basic common sense. Many diabetes doctors agree that cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables for patients with diabetes. They are part of the Mediterranean diet and should be a big part of your diet. What's in a cucumber that's so good for us? Well, there is vitamin C, carotene, fiber, and many minerals to help you. Plus it is full of water. Yes, pickles are made of cucumbers, but that does not count as they have too much salt which counteracts the benefits. Cucumbers also have a nutrient that helps prevent sugar from becoming fat. We better be careful or the diabetes diet is going to become a fad for losing weight, too.


I know that onions have a weird taste for some of you, but it's time to get over it. Onions can be delicious, especially if you saute them in a bit of light olive oil and add them to a tomato pasta. You have to remember that raw onions are much different then cooked ones. You'll be surprised that once you get used to them that onions are fantastic as a diabetic food. You should be eating them at least three times a week, and you can mix them into foods and not even know that they are there. Why are onions so good for diabetics? The are good because they are involved in producing insulin. The body reacts them and creates exactly what you have been taking medication to produce. Of course this is amazing if you have diabetes (and is even good for your family members who don't have diabetes). Onions also have amino acids and sulfur which help to regulate blood fat formation, thus preventing arteriosclerosis. You can't deny the amazing benefits of onions. Also, if you eat them cooked you won't have to worry as much about the bad breath that they can cause.


You don't have to wait for Halloween to be eating pumpkin. What, you think they are only for scaring your kids? No way! Pumpkins are a fruit, yes a fruit, that has a sugar which stops the absorption of glucose and mixes it with cholesterol in your body. Think of it as a Jack-o-lantern in your body scaring off the bad things. It uses its "scaring ability" to stop cholesterol from rising above a specific level and stops the hardening of your arteries. We recommend that you take eat 150 grams of pumpkin daily.


Okay, eel isn't a vegetable. Some of you may be a bit weary of this one, but trust us: it's delicious. Go to your local sushi restaurant and try some eel over rice with the special sauce on top. Don't worry, it's cooked, and it tastes too good to be healthy. Plus, along with it eat seaweed salad which is also super healthy. Eel has special properties that can help lower your level of blood glucose. Plus it is part of a healthy diet. Look at how healthy the Japanese are. Include eel in your diet and you too can have these amazing health properties.

Most of the things that are listed here are vegetables. As a diabetic you should be eating lots of vegetables to cure yourself of your diabetes. Along with a good diet you can cure yourself of this illness, but this is only the first step. You need to follow a detailed program that can only be supplied by an expert.

Source of A List of Vegetables That Cure Diabetes by Michael R Thomas – author of A List of Vegetables That Cure Diabetes article

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