Baby Shower Party Recipes: Make "Baby" Your Theme

“When you are looking at making food for the next baby shower you host, make sure the word “baby” appears in all the recipes. When the baby shower party recipes all have the word “baby” in them, you are making the menu thematic. Your guests will love it!

Here are some baby shower recipes you can consider the next time you are hosting this type of party:

*Baby Shrimp

*Baby Meatballs

– Both of these only need to be purchased and heated. You can serve them as appetizers with decorative toothpicks.

*Baby Carrots

*Baby Snap Peas

*Baby Swiss Cheese

– Wash and eat the vegetables. Cut into cubes and eat the cheese. These can be used as sides along with your main course or as appetizers throughout your baby shower.

*Baby Bagel Sandwiches


Various cooked meats – ham, turkey, roast beef

Various fillings – chicken and tuna salad

Various cheeses – American, Swiss and mozzarella

Baby bagels – white and wheat varieties

Sliced vegetables – lettuce, tomato, cucumber


– Slice bagels and place on large serving tray.

– Create a large display of the cooked meats and cheeses on a separate large serving tray.

– Have the various fillings in matching serving bowls on either side of the cooked meats tray.

– Create a large display of the sliced veggies on a separate large serving tray.

– Allow your guests to create their own baby bagel sandwich on the spot, so it will be fresh and to their liking.

*Baby Back Ribs


2 lbs pork baby back ribs

1 bottle of barbeque sauce – 18 ounces of your favorite variety

– Brush each rib with plenty of barbeque sauce. Wrap tightly in a piece of tin foil sprayed with cooking spray. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

– Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

– Bake the foil covered ribs for 2 ½ hours.

– Remove from the foil and add additional sauce to taste.

Makes 4 servings

*Baby Blue Punch


1 package of blue drink mix, unsweetened – any flavor that is blue

1 bottle lemon lime soda

1 bottle white cranberry juice

Vanilla ice cream

White sugar

– In a large punch bowl, mix the flavored drink mix, lemon lime soda and cranberry juice.

– Add the sugar to taste, up to 1 cup.

– Scoop the ice cream on top and serve.

Makes up to 24 servings

All of these baby shower party recipes are fresh, yummy, and will allow everyone to eat something they enjoy.

Source of Baby Shower Party Recipes: Make "Baby" Your Theme by Gail Leino – author of Baby Shower Party Recipes: Make "Baby" Your Theme article

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