Green Vegetables And Why We Need Them

Green vegetables are not so common in the modern western diet, which is based mostly on fast food. Those super vegetables hold within them the ability to provide us with health, as the nutrients they offer are numerous. Here are only a few of the benefits we can get from adding greens into our diet:

  • Clean blood
  • Healthy blood
  • No constipation
  • No Gas

And these are really just a few of the advantages those vegetables hold.

One of today's most common medical issues in the western world is the one of cholesterol in the blood. One of the layers that constructs our blood vessels is collecting this material, and creates plaque, that can cause the narrowing of the vessel, creating high blood-pressure. A complication of that situation occurs when the plaque layer breaks into the vessel itself, meeting the blood stream. In this case, the plaque can be broken and taken away by the strong blood stream, a situation that among other things can cause a stroke. Green vegetables, especially dark leafy greens, help the body gradually break the plaque, and can lower the blood-cholesterol levels, cleaning the blood and helping us keep safer and healthier.

Healthy blood means we are not lacking any of the ingredients of the blood. Our body constantly builds and repairs the blood, and all of its components. For that, it needs us to provide it with the right nutrients. The most common blood deficiency is in iron, and green vegetables have abundance of iron in them. Adding fresh greens into our diet helps our body in the reconstructing of blood, thus keeping our blood healthy.

Green Vegetables For Better Digestion:

Green vegetables are also rich in fiber, and fiber encourages the stomachs activity and the movement of the bowels. In case of slow digestion, bad digestion or constipation, greens can help us heal quickly and safely, without using laxatives. They will help the digestive system do its work naturally and efficiently, and unlike drugs, that go against the desire of the body, they will solve the situation by strengthening the systems that deal with these situations naturally.

Gas is also very common these days, as the industrial food, fast food, and even the fruits and vegetables are being mixed together in wrong food combinations. These combination cause stress to the digestive system, that in turn, stresses the entire body. Gas is then caused, mostly by the flora of the stomach, that is trying to break our food to its smallest parts so it could nourish the cells of the body. By supporting the flora of the stomach, and encouraging digestion and bowel movement, green vegetables, especially leafs, can help us cure gas.

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