How To Deal With Fecal Impaction

Fecal impaction involves hardened stool which is located between the intestines and the rectum of your body. A fecal impaction indicates a blockage. The blockage results in cramping, difficulty in passing bowels, pain and bloating. Fecal impaction comes about when a case of constipation turns chronic. Nutritional causes should be investigated if you suffer frequently from this condition.

Here are some ways that can help you deal with fecal impaction:

1. Consider your food choices. Generally speaking, if you consume foods that are high in fat, cholesterol and sugar, and coupled with inadequate fiber, you are at risk of creating problems such as fecal impaction. It has often been found that the emphasis on red meats over vegetables can cause problems in constipation. As such, you need to increase your intake of high fiber foods, so that easier digestion can take place.

2. Drink sufficient water. One of the main causes of fecal impaction is inadequate water intake. You need to drink enough water so that it can help in the formation of healthy stools and to help flush them from your body. Healthy stools should have a consistency that is just right – not too hard nor too loose. In short, you should not be taking too long a time toileting.

3. Review the type of dietary supplements you are taking. Iron pills, for instance, have been linked to hardened stools and in some cases bouts of constipation. If you need to take iron pills, such as in the case of pregnancy, then consider also drinking prune juices to help ease bowel difficulties. Also, let your doctor know about the side effects that you are experiencing from taking certain dietary supplements and see if he or she can make alternative suggestions.

4. Look into your eating habits. It is not just about what you are eating that matters but also, the manner in which you ingest foods. If you chomp down your food too quickly without spending enough time chewing, the food that is in your mouth does not receive enough enzymes through the salivia. Consequently, it enters your stomach not quite ready for digestion yet. What you should do is therefore, to avoid eating in a hurry. Instead, allow enough time for food to be chewed into smaller pieces and then swallowed.

5. Be cautious in cases of fecal impaction in children. Consider the possibility that your young child may have swallowed a small toy or other item which can cause an intestinal obstruction. This is a dangerous condition and left untreated may lead to a ruptured intestine and the possibility of sepsis. You should consult your doctor on what to do if you notice your child having difficulty in his/her bowel movements and if the fecal impaction appears to be unexplained by diet causes.

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