How to Prevent Constipation Naturally

Constipation is a common digestive problem which is experienced by millions of individuals around the world. It can be caused by a number of reasons, with the main ones being poor diet and bad lifestyle habits. Some of its symptoms would be having less than three bowel movements a week or having hard or difficult to pass stools. If you are looking for a way to prevent or get rid of constipation, here are a couple of tips that could help you out.

1. First off, try to increase the fiber in your diet. Fiber can help the digestive system to function more efficiently, promoting regular bowel movements. Some foods which are rich in fiber that you could add to your diet would include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereal products and legumes.

2. You could also try increasing your intake of fluid, particularly water and fresh fruit juices. Avoid drinking too much soda, as sodas could worsen your constipation. Through drinking more fluids, you would be able to provide your body with more fluid to help improve digestion.

3. It is also important to have a regular exercise routine that you could stick to during the week. You could also try engaging in more physical activities such as sports activities. Through leading an active lifestyle, your muscles are toned and strengthened, including those which are in your abdomen, helping to get rid and prevent constipation.

4. You could also eat prunes, as they are rich in dietary fiber and have a laxative effect on the body. You could have some prunes as a tasty and healthy snack or you could drink prune juice with your meals.

5. You should also avoid bad eating habits such as starving yourself to lose weight and eating too much junk foods and sugary foods. Consuming a low amount of calories or a high amount of empty calories through not eating or eating foods which are low in fiber could both lead to constant bouts with constipation.

6. Constipation can also be caused by using some drugs and medicines, particularly laxatives and antacids which have calcium carbonate or aluminum hydroxide. If you take laxatives and antacids on a regular basis, try treating your condition through natural methods such as increasing fiber intake and avoiding fatty foods. Fat is harder to digest compared to the other nutrients, which means that it could stay in the stomach longer, causing indigestion, heartburn and other digestive problems.

These are just some of the natural but effective ways to prevent or get rid of constipation. Through following them, your body would be able to digest the food you eat better, promoting a better overall health.

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