Lose Your Gut Faster Than Ever – The Ripped Abs Secret

You have to strip away all the fat before you can expose the muscles that exist underneath. Believe me, they do exist despite many never get to see them. Most diets or eating plans revolve around a numbers game. They seem to be involved in mathematics rather than concentrating on the eating pattern. The following tips give practical advice you can implement today, without counting any calories.

1. Cut Liquid Calories.
Drink as much water as possible and as often as you like. This will help eliminate excess calories found in milk, juices, sodas and other sugary drinks. If you need to drink sodas, always drink the diet versions as they have a lot less sugar.

2. Eat Simple Vegetables.
Vegetables are a great source of Vitamins and Minerals and contain very little calories. Always pile them on your plate and make it the dominant food in your eating plan. Vegetables which are called "the good carbs" will fill you up which will allow your body to strip away fat without starving yourself.

3. Do not Forget Fruit.
A lot of people stay away from fruit because they believe they are high in sugars. Fruits are high in Nutrients and fiber and very low in Calories. The sugar found in fruits is not the same as the sugar found in soft drinks.

4-Lean Meats Without the Trimmings.
Lean meat is a great source of protein. Most people avoid eating red meat in the belief that it is fattening. When you eat a steak or a chicken fillet you are consuming high levels of protein which are required for building muscle. Its the fancy gravies and the sauces that make your meat fattening.

5. Eat Smaller Portions.
Eat all the vegetables and fruits that you want and drink all the water that is desired. But cut back and eat smaller portions of strarchy side dishes, such as rice, potatoes and pasta. Also try grazing through the day on healthy snacks which will kickstart your metabolism into a fat burning furnance.

6. Eat More Meals A Day.
Eating more meals helps increase the number of calories you burn each day and it also boosts your metabolism. Cutting back on meals has the opposite effect. The worst strategy would be to starve yourself or eat just one meal a day because your metabolism will slow down putting you in survival mode. Therefore your body stores everything you eat as fat since your metabolism thinks your starving.

Source of Lose Your Gut Faster Than Ever – The Ripped Abs Secret by John Stace – author of Lose Your Gut Faster Than Ever – The Ripped Abs Secret article

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