Potato & Onion Soup Recipe – Vegan

Potato & Onion Soup Recipe – Vegan video:

More about Potato & Onion Soup Recipe – Vegan: Potato & Onion Soup Recipe – Vegan, so simple, potatoes, onions, garlic, thyme – Enjoy. Love this soup recipe.

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Today week, we’re tightening the purse strings and minimising food waste. Eat well on a budget. Budgeting for food costs. Cooking on a budget does not means it has to taste cheap. In this series of videos we will be cooking food that is good for you and tastes great. Depending on what part of the world you are will depend on the cost of the recipe. We will for sure make great tasting food for you your family and your friends. Students, families or just broke, check these out and eat well no matter what your budget is.

Low Budget – Crazy Cheap – Tight Budget – College students

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