Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juices For Treating Various Diseases

Juice therapy is one of the widely used naturopathy used in treating a number of diseases. Raw vegetables and fruit juices are highly beneficial in cleansing the body system and rejuvenating the body.

There are various types of juices – sweet juices (grapes); sub acid fruits (apple); acid fruit juice (lemon and orange); green leaf vegetables (cabbage); juices from root vegetables (carrot and beetroot); vegetables fruits (cucumber). Juice of sweet fruits can be mixed with sub acid fruits. Juices of green leaf vegetables can be mixed with root vegetables. Juice of acid fruits may be mixed with sub acid fruits or vegetable fruits.

There are specific fruit and vegetable juices meant for specific diseases. Some important fruits and vegetables used in common diseases are as below:

1. Acidity- Grapes and oranges

2. Acne- Carrot and cucumber

3. Allergies- Carrot and grapes

4. Anemia- Beet and carrot

5. Arthritis- Pineapple and spinach

6. Asthma- Pineapple and radish

7. Bronchitis- Carrot, onion and tomato

8. Bladder diseases- Apple, carrot, cucumber and lemon

9. Common Cold- Orange and onion

10. Constipation- Apple, carrot and onion

11. Colitis- Beet and cucumber

12. Diabetes- Carrot and citrus fruits

13. Diarrhea- Carrot and papaya

14. Eczema- Carrot and red grapes

15. Eye diseases- Apricot and tomato

16. Gout- Carrot and tomato

17. Head ache- Lemon

18. Heart diseases- Carrot and lemon

19. High blood pressure- Grapes and orange

20. Influenza- Grape fruit and orange

21. Insomnia- Grape fruit and orange

22. Jaundice- Carrot and cucumber

23. Kidney disorders- Apple and orange

24. Liver Diseases- Grapes and tomato

25. Obesity- Lemon and orange

26. Hemorrhoids- Papaya and turnip

27. Enlarged prostate- Asparagus and carrot

28. Sinus – Carrot and onion

29. Tonsillitis- Lemon and orange

30. Varicose veins- Carrot and orange

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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