Why Do I Gain Weight Even Though I Don’t Eat That Much?

Many people are worried about weight gain, and there is a certain percentage of the population that actually has a problem gaining weight.  Actually, the same factors can effect both conditions.  The problem could be caused by a toxic build up in the system from medications, environment, and or foods that are eaten and not digested properly. 

The digestive process is very important to the way we metabolize our foods.  If food is not digested properly, the nutrients needed for proper cellular function do not get to the cells to do their job.  This can result in either weight gain or a form of  starvation that doesn’t allow for proper weight gain.  Once food is digested it goes from the stomach to the colon.  The colon delivers the broken down nutrients to the bloodstream through the colon walls. 

The waste materials from the digested foods are then moved out of the body through the colon.  If the food we eat is not properly digested, it sits in the colon and rots.  If fiber is absent, it cakes on the walls of the colon, and then any food that is digested cannot penetrate the wall to get into the bloodstream.  When nutrients aren’t being carried to the cells, the body starves. 

Cleaning out the colon and detoxing with a commercial cleanse or a detox diet has helped many who want to lose weight as well as those who want to gain weight.

Some persons accumulate fat, as a protection against starvation and others just don’t.   Insulin production has a lot to do with weight gain.  Some are genetically predisposed to produce an over abundance of insulin, which is a key factor in the accumulation of fat in the body.  Studies have shown that the time of day a person eats his heaviest meal has a lot to do with obesity.  Heavier meals should be eaten early in the day.  The lightest meal of the day should be eaten in the evening before six p. m. and no snacking should occur after six.  Meals should consist of real food rather than refined foods and processed foods.   Even so, a good detox program will jump start a diet to help you get on the road to good health and better eating habits.

Source of Why Do I Gain Weight Even Though I Don’t Eat That Much? by Glenn Calvert – author of Why Do I Gain Weight Even Though I Don’t Eat That Much? article

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