You Can Grow Plants and Vegetables Quickly and Easily Almost Anywhere With a Simple Aquaponic System

The newest rage in gardening is Aquaponics. It is kind of like hydroponics on steroids. A beginner with a very small space can set up a simple Aquaponic system or a very experienced gardener with lots of acreage can use an Aquaponic system.

What makes it so appealing is not only its simplicity but the rapid plant growth as well. The system can also be set up with relatively low budget. It is very inexpensive to maintain because it is so efficient.

Why buy produce from the grocery store that is covered in harmful chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs. There are many studies that have proven just how harmful this is on the human body and especially to children. You can grow your own produce simply and easily with an efficient Aquaponic system that uses none of these harmful items.

When I began gardening I used a traditional raised bed garden. I would mix my soil, add fertilizer, haul around stinky manure and maintain a messy compost bin. It took me a lot of time to maintain the garden. I would spend a lot of time weeding, fighting pest, and disease.

I live in Indiana and blight has been particularly bad for tomato plants. Every body around here loves fresh Indiana tomatoes in the summer. The problem is that all the gardeners I have talked too are forced to use a harsh fungicide to fight Blight which is a very contagious fungus. Every area of the world has its own set of pest, plant disease and weeds. The beauty about Aquaponics is that virtually all of those problems are eliminated. It makes it much easier to grow fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

The reason these problems are eliminated is due to the way the system is set up. Not only are the growing beds elevated but they do not use soil which contains many of the problems that gardeners deal with.

The principle is pretty straight forward. Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. It may sound complex but it isn’t. You can create a mini ecosystem in your backyard. It takes up very little space. You set up a small bin of tiny fish. The fish waste is recycled into nitrates which is great plant food. The plants return clean water to fish.

An Aquaponic system is fairly easy to set up. Once you get the chemistry right it is 100% automated. No hauling dirt, manure, compost or breaking your back weeding all the time. You don’t even have water and you get all the benefits of eating healthy organic food!

If you haven’t thought about Aquaponics or even gardening I would suggest you give it a try. It is simple, takes very little time and very little space. If you have children or grandchildren it is a fun, rewarding and educational experience for them as well. A great project to work on together. In fact I am seeing these pop up in many school rooms for their educational value. So give it a try, you really have nothing to lose and lot to gain!

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