A Little Bit About White Wine

Did you know that one grape cluster (around 75 grapes) gives us one delicious glass of white wine? Therefore 4 clusters (300) give us a whole bottle to ourselves! Can you just imagine if we had our own vineyard, the possibilities are endless!

Have you ever stopped and surprised what the largest bottle of wine one can buy? It's called a Nebuchadnezzar and contains 15 liters; this is equivalent to an astonishing 20 regular bottles of white wine! It gives us a whole new meaning to ordering just one bottle of wine.

The reason for my new found interest in any one particular type of alcohol is I recently attended a wine tasting event, not the best place for a self proclaimed alcoholic to attend, but needs must.

Where there's free alcohol, you most certainly will find at least one wised up alcoholic! As my tolerance is quite high now, while others around me got sloshed, would you believe I actually learn a few things! Some interesting facts I felt compelled to share with the rest of the world!

Red grapes can make red wine and also make white wine, but green grapes are only restricted to making white wine! Unfair a little on the red grapes having to do more work!

This is because the actual color of red wine comes from the skins of the grapes themselves, and not the actual grape juice, so technically if you wanted to use the red grapes to make white wine, all you would have to do is remove the skins ! This is how the majority of the Champagne you drink is made … using red grapes!

From a vegetarian's point of view, I would be careful what wine I would drink. Shocked? Well I was! Gelatine, fish extracts and eggs are used to 'refine' a wine (where it is rid of excess floating bits). This makes it unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans.

In the past cow's blood (I was assured not any more!) Was even used in the refining process! Gross.

However after hearing all this, all I could think about was when I could have my next glass, you see all this does not bother me, alcohol is alcohol, that sweet aromatic flavor, the sensational warm glow I get inside me upon the sweet grape juice entering my system, far outweighs my ability to care about how its made.

So tonight … glass of white or red my dear?

Source of A Little Bit About White Wine by Vince Samios – author of A Little Bit About White Wine article

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