An Occasion For Quality Serving Equipment

Quality or disposable? This is the question I ask myself when planning a get together with friends or something more formal. When serving an elegant beverage I have gotten by with inexpensive glasses in the past, even Styrofoam and paper glasses even plastic. But when the occasion calls for some class, it's worth every penny and time shopping to impress your guests. When the celebration is an at home event such as an anniversary or maybe a 50th birthday, or just a really important get together. The more elegant the glass, the better its contents can be appreciated!

But if it's a really expensive beverage such as, very old wine or top shelf champagne, you might want something that compliments the content. That being said, take in to consideration the shape, the weight and overall appearance of the vessel you are serving in. However, if you are just having a beer with some friends, I would go cheap but not too cheap. Remember presentation is king, you can display a cheap wine in a fine quality decanter beloved into decorative wine goblets and come off as the classiest guy on the block!

There was one occasion, I wish I had a classy decanter and some decorative goblets. When a very good friend of mine lost his mother after a long fight with her health, he was going through things, deciding what to keep and what to pitch? Well, guess what he found? Way back in a dark corner of his mothers foundation he discovered a box, well, I mean he found a trunk. When he opened it, he found it was full of sand. Well, is not that special? He decided to explore a little deer and started sifting through the sand. To his amazement his mother had made and bottled about ten bottles of grape wine. That's what we decided that it probably was because she loved her grape vines.

The bottles were so old the labels were literally rotting away. He brought them over to my place and told me to chill them down and so I did. Yummy I could hardly wait, we were going to celebrate his birthday in two weeks. Well, not so fast. There was a lot of sediment in the bottom of the bottles and disturbing it, stirred it all up. Boy, could we have used a nice decanter that day. Well, he did find some old glass goblets and that helped somehow, but still the taste of the sediment did not help the taste. So you see that's an occasion for fine serving equipment.

But, there are occasions that do not need any class at all. Like when I came of age, I did not care about taste or even appearance. I just wanted to get buzzed, well I learned my lesson. Never mix alcohol in you stomach. Since then I have learned to savor my beverages and use the best equipment for the occasion. But I do still find reasons for disposing drinking glasses. Like at a picnic or at the ball park. Some times it's just the company you are enjoying a beverage with, and disposable suits just fine and dandy. But what ever your preference enjoy and do not drink and drive!

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