Boutique Wines

Since 1971, Australia has been a popular and prominent wine producer in the world. Especially its boutique wines are gaining popularity in leading hotels across the world. In today’s time, Australia is a hub of around 1100 wineries encompassing a wide range of as many as 60 wine-producing regions.

Apart from the most famous vineyards found in places like Victoria, South Australia, and New South Wales, they can be found in Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland as well. Wines produced at these wineries vary from sweet to red and fruity white, dessert, sparkling and fortified wines.

Tasmania is a large scale producer of outstanding wines like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Rose, Riesling etc. Tasmanian wine, especially the fruit wine, is a highly appreciated one. There is a special festival named ‘Tasmanian Fruit Wine Festival’ celebrated in Tasmania to honour the Tasmanian fruit wine.

Boutique wines are also gaining popularity in many regions of Australia. These are produced by passionate makers in small vineyards. These yards are usually run by families or friends working together. One of the advantages of buying from such wineries is their originality in creating something new. Best of these drinks are often showcased at festivals held by most of the region based wineries for both international tourists as well as natives.

Australia has the charm of variety in its climate of wine regions. Yarra Valley in Victoria is such an example of cool climate place. Pinot Gris and Pinot Noirs are the famous wines produced in the mentioned area. Cool climate regions with terra rossa soil help in the production of outstanding red wines, like spicy Shirazes or Cabernet.

So, in your next visit to Tasmania, enjoy not only the coastal locations, but also the exquisite variety of classic Tasmanian wines.

Source of Boutique Wines by David Malouf – author of Boutique Wines article

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