Buying Wine Online & Storing Wine

When you are looking to purchase wine, it is doubtful that you are going to find all of your specific tastes at your local winery or liquor store; fortunately, with the invention of the internet you will find your selection has grown.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are still unaware of the fact that they can buy wine online; without all of the hassle of having to drive to their local liquor store.

Buying online will provide you with a wider selection, gift baskets, and other wine must-haves. However, don't be fooled; you will still need your ID to purchase wine online, so minors; don't get any ideas!

When you are a wine lover or have a bar that you have stocked to the rafters with your favorite liquor, you will more than likely have a plethora of different wine selections for you to enjoy with just about any meal. This is when it becomes important to consider the means of storing wine.

Storing options should be a must-know for anyone who plans on keeping more than one bottle of wine at a time.

These steps are:
Keep in a dark place
Store them on their sides
Keep a consistent temperature under 75 degrees
Don't move or disturb bottle
Keep the humidity at 70%
Finally keep it isolated

And for the wine lovers out there you may very well find that you are curious as to how your favorite alcohol is made. Fortunately, we have put together a brief run-down on how wines are made in general. However, some wineries may vary the steps slightly to produce some of your favorites.

Harvesting of the grapes
The grapes are crushed
Skin and seeds remain with red wines but are removed for white wines
This mixture is poured into stainless steel fermenting tanks
They add cultured yeast
Poured into barrels for aging
Wines are racked (or poured into different barrels) throughout the process
About a month later they are bottled
Then it is shipped out and sold

This is the standard process for most wineries throughout the world, producing some of the world's favorite wines. This process can be better explained when you enjoy a wine-tasting tour at your local winery; so what are you waiting for? Get in gear and set up your wine tasting tour today!

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