How To Find The Best Wine Deals Online and Offline

Using The Internet

In this day and age almost everyone knows that the best deals for anything can, more often than not, be found on the internet. The same goes for the best wine deals and there are a huge number of wine merchants advertising their products and special offers on-line. This is great news for anyone who may be planning a big celebration such as a wedding or a milestone birthday or anniversary occasion. Unfortunately, the sheer number of websites advertising their best wine deals can be something of a hindrance especially if you need to find a good deal quickly.

Just because a particular website is at the top of the Google search listing it does not mean that this website has the best wine deals for you, it simply means that the site has a better search engine optimization team working on it. Basically, Google ranks websites based on the quality of their written content and their level of social interaction with on-line users, not according to which site has the cheapest product prices.

If you enter a certain nebulous search term such as "Best Wine Deals" into the Google search box, this will return an awful amount of information which could take many hours to trawl through. There are a few tricks and tactics that can be employed, however, to make your task easier and get you closer to the best wine deals for your particular requirement.

Refine Your Internet Search

If there is a particular variety of wine that you prefer to drink then you can save a lot of time by refining your search term. For instance, if you're a big fan of Australian Chardonnay and you enter this as a search term into the Google search engine then you will be presented with hundreds of thousands of results. However, if there's a particular brand of Australian Chardonnay that you like, made by a particular manufacturer in a particular year, when you refine your search with all of this information then you will be presented with far fewer results and will have a much easier time in tracking down the best wine deals.

Enter as much detail as you can to optimize your search, for example, the search term "Brand Name, Product Name, Australian Chardonnay 2012" with the pertinent information entered instead of "Brand Name" and "Product Name" will get you closer to your goal. You may still find yourself visiting a dozen different websites but at least you can be confident that you are getting as close to the best wine deals as is possible.

Contact The Online Wine Merchant Directly

If you're happy to communicate with someone at the online wine merchant, then taking the direct approach and phoning or emailing them may yield surprising results. The old adage "You do not get if you do not ask" applies here. Many a better deal has been obtained by simply speaking to someone and asking whether they can help or whether they can make a recommendation. Wine suppliers work within an extremely competitive industry and will often bend over backwards to accommodate a potential customer.

Finding The Best Wine Deals The Old Fashioned Way – Off-line

One of the most likely sources of the best wine deals for your occasion would almost certainly be a wine show, catering show or wedding show. These are held regularly all over the UK in various exhibition centers and the vendors at these shows will be aiming to sell in bulk and will be open to negotiation, so you can test your bargaining skills out on them and nail a good deal.

Some Crafty Ideas To Help You Get The Best Wine Deals

The Return of the "Booze Cruise"

In the not so distant past, popping over to France to stock up on wine and beer was a very popular past time indeed. In the last couple of years, the amount of tax on wine in the UK has risen to an incredible eight times higher than that paid by our French neighbors. Predictably, the "booze cruise" across the channel to France is once again rising in popularity, especially with those organizing celebrations and events. But the future of "booze cruising" is only robust as long as sterling remains strong. Sterling is currently almost at a seven-year high against the euro, with currently positive rates looking as though they will last. Savings of as much as £ 10 per bottle can be made when buying premium wines in France and an average bottle of wine costs less than half the amount it would cost you to buy in the UK. Even with travel costs taken into account, there is still a substantial saving to be made, especially when you consider that these French hypermarkets are, themselves, aiming to attract customers by offering their best wine deals. It's also worth bearing in mind that there are many small businesses specializing in arranging wine buying trips over to France who will arrange transport and accommodation for you at very favorable prices and who can also arrange for you to be able to pay for your wine in Sterling .

Join a Cash & Carry or see if your employer can arrange membership

Many Cash & Carry businesses will offer memberships to individuals as well as organizations. It may also be worth speaking to your employer to see if you can get membership of a Cash & Carry through your company. This can be a brilliant way of finding the best wine deals especially if you're buying a very large quantity of wine. You will need to weigh up the savings made against the cost of transporting the wine though, if you can borrow a large estate car or a van then that's OK but remember that bottles of wine are very heavy and you may end up needing to hire a suitable mode of transport to get the wine to your home or the event venue.

Speak to Your Local Off License or High Street Wine Wholesaler

Once again, talking to people will yield positive results. If you're chatting with your local wine wholesaler then you are more than likely talking to someone with a good level of knowledge about wine and how to source in bulk at the best price. As mentioned above, offering them a promotional incentive or gaining them another customer may well swing you a good deal. The same goes for your local off license, although they usually tend not to have such a wide range of wines available, if you speak to the owner they may be able to assist with a great deal.

Supplier Promotion

As mentioned previously, the wine supplying industry is competitive and suppliers will always be looking for opportunities to advertise and increase the brand awareness of their products. Try providing the supplier with an advertising opportunity to negotiate a better deal. If you're organizing a function where there will be many attendees and you allow the wine supplier to leave business cards on the tables mentioning their name as the supplier for this particular event you may get a discount. If you take their promotion further and allow posters or flyers you get an even better deal.

Speak to Friends, Family or Colleagues to see if they have an event to plan

This is actually a pretty good idea. People are always organizing events, especially companies, who may have conferences or team building events to cater for. You may have a friend or acquaintance who will be planning or assisting with an event in the near future. If you can help them out by getting them the best wine deals with your selected supplier then they may well be very grateful and you'll get a better deal for your event by winning new business for your supplier. Everybody wins.

Great wine deals are out there to be had. Good luck!

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