How to Properly Store Wine

Wines are fun to collect and buy; perhaps you have a favorite region or vintage or perhaps you are like to collect the newest wines, but whatever your taste, keeping the bottles properly stored will keep your wines in perfect condition allowing the true taste to shine through.

Wines are bottled and corked the way they are to protect the liquid from oxygen seeping in and skewing the flavor. Keeping your wine bottles tilted will help the cork to always remain in contact with the wine, giving it less opportunity to shrink. Keeping your wine in a humid area will also help to keep the cork moist which will keep unwanted air out of the bottle. Wine is adversely affected by direct sunlight and heat so it is best to keep it in a cool dark place. So where are the best places to store your wines?

Ideally, a wine cellar is the best place, but most of us don't have built in wine cellars in our homes. A basement bar or even a closet will work just as well, as long as it is far enough from your heat source, like a fireplace or a hot air vent, and will keep the wine bottles nice and cool.

Alternately, a wine cooler or wine refrigerator keeps your bottles at the perfect temperature and perfect balance so that no matter what the vintage, that wine will be fresh and tasty whenever you want it.

If you don't have a wine cellar or a special wine fridge, there is no need to fret; finding a cool, dark spot somewhere in your home will suffice. If you must put your wine bottles in your regular fridge, make sure they're not standing upright on the top shelf where the bulb is located as this will damage the contents with its heat and light. Instead, line one of the bottom drawers with a dark fabric and lay your bottles inside.

Labeling your wine is a great way to remember when and where you bought it, what special vintage it is, if it's a favorite or a new taste, etc. Before storing, be sure to use cork wine labels that have a handy write on surface on one side while being eco-friendly and a great fit for any bottle. Simply write your information on the label, slip it on and store away. Once you are ready to enjoy your great bottle of wine you will find that it tastes great, regardless of when you bought it by following these storage steps.

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