Italian Wines – Nero D'Avola

Nero d'Avola means the black of Avola. Avola is a city located in the far south western corner of the island of Sicily in Italy. This city is ideal for vine plantation because it enjoys many sunny days during the year and the grape used to make this wine loves its climate and promises to produce some of the tastiest wines of the region.

Nero d'Avola is Sicily's most popular grape and it is used in the region's best selling varietal wine. It is one of the most important native varieties in Italy. It is often compared to Syrah in Rhone and the Shiraz in Australia, because it holds similar characteristics and taste.

This beautifully pleasing wine is smooth, balanced and settling. It has lots of berry and plum character with soft tannins and lightly jammy finish.

For the superior taste it offers, it is often available at bargain prices which makes this wine an ideal wine for every day consumption. It pairs well with zesty pastas and rich meat sauces. Also accommodates well with many hard cheeses and candied fruits.

Pizza, being a simple dish from southern Italy goes well with simple fruity wines from the south like Nero d'Avola. You can drink it with pizza Margherita or pizza with sausage. However, this wonderfully agreeable wine is capable and can be drunk on its own as an easy drinking aperitif.

Make this wine one of your every day table wines and enjoy its soothing and delightful flavors as often as possible. Wines like this brings a smile to ones face, and smile is what you need these days my friend.

Source of Italian Wines – Nero D'Avola by Mike Samii – author of Italian Wines – Nero D'Avola article

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