Make Him Fall in Love With You Secrets

Falling in love is a mystery in life yet to be solved. Perhaps you have just met the love of your life (or so you think), and you want to know the best way to make him fall in love with you. Cupid's arrow or a love potion would be great to have in your possession at this time.

Many women feel that giving a man a lot of attention will make him fall in love. However, sometimes this will drive them away. While men are beginning the trial period of the relationship, they often want to be the purser. No matter how they may complain that you do not call, they really like the fact that you do not, most of the time.

Not being available all the time can be very productive in getting a man's interest. You do not always have to answer his calls, and saying "no" once in a while while stirs up a lot of interest. You do not want to be totally unavailable, but letting him wonder what you are doing can be a good thing.

You do not have to play hard to get altogether. It is a good thing once in a while being a bit elusive. Let the guys make the plans, wine and dine you, buy little gifts, and you can sit back and enjoy the attention for now.

To make him fall in love with you is only partially your job. He is going to reach this conclusion on his own for many reasons. Some of these reasons are unexplainable, but others like your attractiveness, your sense of fun, your personality and kindness are part of the equation.

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