Making Wine From Grapes Is Easy

Making wine from grapes is an easy and fun activity. It is not as complicated as it may seem. Many people make their own wine for a personal touch as well as the real taste of grapes. It can be a unique gift to friends. You can use grapes from your own vineyard or from grapes bought from the store.

How do you go about in making wine from grapes? First, you have to consider the selection of the right variety of grapes. The three varieties available are native wine grapes, European wine grapes and native wild. These different varieties give a distinct flavor, sweetness, body and sharpness unique to its variety.

Another benefit from making your own is that you can create and personalize your own wine bottles to mark your effort.

Follow these easy methods:

1. Harvesting
Harvesting of grapes is the first step in wine making. Grapes have a tasty sugar content, tannins, acids and esters, making great wines. The best wines come from grapes harvested when they are ripe at a precise time.

2. Mashing or Crushing.
In a large bowl, mash the grapes, with its skin, with your hand or a potato masher. Your hand may be stained for a few days.
Another method besides the traditional stomping and pressing of grapes is the crushing. Mechanical crushers are used to crush grapes. White wines are result of grapes pressed quickly after the crushing in order to separate the juice from the skin, seeds and solids. Red wine is the result of leaving the skin in the wine to extract the grape color, flavor and tannins during fermentation.

3. Fermentation
This process transforms the sugar into alcohol within 6 to 12 hours. Most wine makers add a strain of yeast for a more predictable wine variant. Sweet wine is produced before the sugar is converted to alcohol.

4. Clarification
When fermentation is made, the wines take up clarification process, and filtered by using sterile filter pad. In addition, fining is made to precipitate dead yeast cells out of wine. This is done by adding egg whites to the wine in order for unwanted solids to sink down the base of the tank, Filtered wine can now be placed in another container.

5. Bottling
The final process in making wine from grapes is bottling. When the wine is completely clear and fermentation is done, it is time to bottle. It is best to filter your wine before bottling. It will add polish to the wine's clear appearance. Bottling your wine is simply siphoning the wine into the bottles and corking them. You will need wine bottles, corker and corks. You may label your own wine bottle. Enjoy!

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