Oak Wine Racks – What Makes Them So Fascinating

Oak wine racks are unduly the first choice of top wine connoisseurs. Oak wood wine racks rarely fail to fit into any kind of furniture style. One may ask himself what makes oak wood that popular with wine collectors. A swift look into the ancient history will show you that oak wood was the first wood used for barrel-aging wine. Around 92 AD Roman emperors firstly not aware the usage of oak wood barrels in regions near the Alps. This was something completely new for that time, as the traditional wine aging only took place in clay vases. Soon the undispensed advantages of oak barrels for wine production pushed clay vases into oblivion. Choosing oak for wine storage rack material is the most natural and most intuitive way of showing your respect for wines. Some wine producers would say: If a wine bottle could choose where to sleep, it would choose a bead of oak.

Oak wine storage furniture is a statement of prestige and excellence. Oak wood perfectly harmonizes with wine in general, and oak is among worlds most resistant woods. It ages perfectly, it matures very slowly and with aging it really gains on value. Choosing oak wood for building wine storage racks will most certainly result in a beautiful and unique wine rack. Building wood wine storage rack and taking oak for your preferred material is a decision that will pay-off in so many ways. There is just one important advice to follow when crafting your own oak wine storage rack. When crafting your wine rack try to avoid trendy stiles. Oak really doesnt take it very well. Oak is a mature and heavy dark wood, and its character simply does melt with ultra modern styles or excessive curves. But but again the beauty of choosing oak for your wine rack lies in the fact that you can make it simple and it will still look great and fit literally any furniture style.

There are no fears that a simple oak wine rack would not fit in a modern trendy furnished apartment. Even furniture with lots of glass and metal shining surfaces will instantly harmonize with oak wine storage rack. It is just another great character of oak that makes it a great material for building wine rack.

Speaking of oak, some basic physical characteristics of this fine wood should be stated. Oak is a dense wood with relatively low content of water. That makes it slow slowly and therefore does not cause any cracks on the surface as with many conifer trees. Its extreme density makes this wood stabile for centuries, keeping its original shape regardless of the weight the future bottle racks will carry. Oak wood is extremely resistant to physical damages like scratches or to possible wood worm attacks. The best care one could give to his oak wine rack is to rub it with twice a year with a bee-wax. It will slightly darken the surface but perfectly protect it from humidity, dirt and possible wood worms, still giving the wood freedom to breathe.

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