Savour the Best Wines With Gold Coast Car Rentals

In the last few decades, Australia has emerged as one of the finest wine making countries and it is the Gold Coast, which is the leader in the field. The area, particularly the Hinterlands, are being recognized across the globe to be producing some of the best wines, the world has known. Gold Coast car rentals are a great way to explore the wine growing regions of the Gold Coast and also sample some.

Whether you choose to trudge your own path or tag along with one of the pre-planned trips, there is much to see, do and most importantly, taste on these wine tours. You will not only get to see how wineries function, but also get to see a lot of backstage processes.

For instance, you can walk down the vineyards and learn more about which type of grapes are used in which wines. The hosts might take you down the wine cellars where the drinks are aged to perfection. At the end of trip, you get to sip and sample a few of the best the wines, the particular winery produces. If you like what you have tasted, you are more than welcome to purchase a few bottles of the same, as these prove to be excellent gifting options.

With cars for hire, Gold Coast wineries will be easy enough for you to map out, especially if you pick out a few maps from the airport or rental services. Armed with a map, you can decide which all wineries you want to visit. The choice is truly extensive, but there are some wineries you will not want to miss. Some of these wineries include the Mount Tamborine Vineyard & Winery. This award winning winery is actually the first in the area and offers you sample session as well as the opportunity to sit down for a fine dining experience. Similarly, the Cedar Creek Estate is another must visit place, because here, apart from the wine, you also get to visit the nearby glowworm caves.

There is no denying that with cars for rental, Gold Coast has become much easier to access and more importantly, explore. There is so much more you can do and experience, because with these vehicles you can plan your own trip. You do not have to think about tour guides and their typical routes. This is also one of the reasons, why individual wine trails have become so popular, because you can simply download a wine trail off the internet and then trace your own path.

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