Self Motivation – The Essence of Positivism in Life

Self Motivation. It is the single most important factor in your life if you want to achieve success in any sphere. Some even consider self-motivation more important that self-esteem, and perhaps rightly so. And the reason is that if you want to improve yourself, your self-esteem, and your life in anyway, then you need to have the desire to do it. Self motivation coupled with a strong sense of determination can help you move mountains and find water in deserts!

You can be motivated by your belief in the Almighty, or by faith, or by an experience you had or just about any other factor. These things encourage you to change your perspective and push you to be a better person, a better business person and thus move in a positive and life-changing direction. If truth be said any thing can move you enough, to achieve something your desperately want, if you want it to!

Why You Need Self Motivation: Everyone in life goes through happy and sad times. When the going gets tough you require the support and encouragement of your family and friends. If you have your circle of support always there when you need them, then you are a very lucky person. But if you are lonely, like many people in this world in your times of adversity, then you are the only one you can depend on. At such times, you need to motivate yourself, because lack of self motivation at such times can be potentially damaging and further complicate your life.

Here are some of the reasons why you need self motivation:

  • To accept challenges and opportunities in life
  • To plan your life and ease the difficulties
  • To give your life a new sense of purpose and direction
  • To have zest for life
  • For living a fulfilling life
  • To empower yourself and encourage yourself to face adversities and others (critics, competitors, detractors etc)

Now that you know why self motivation is so crucial to your existence, let’s find out some ways to stay motivated. Here are 3 techniques for self motivation:

  1. You must do everything with complete interest. If you don’t find something interesting enough, then you should do something else that matches you interest better. However if you dislike a task in particular, then you should try and relate it to a bigger goal in your mind.
  2. Self motivation is driven by energy. Positive energy. It’s important for you to create energy. You can consume caffeine or exercise, or go for a jog every day. These activities can boost your energy levels. You must regulate the consumption of foods with high sugar content. Sugar products tend to have a negative effect on your motivation.
  3. One of the best ways for self motivation is to create energy by talking your way to achieve a task. Simply talk your way to self motivation. And if you find the task less inspiring, talk to yourself about the greater goals you can achieve due to it.
  4. Summary: When ever you feel a lack of self motivation, you should try speaking to a close friend or a family member. And if all else fails, then try these self motivation techniques and practice the best technique for lasting results and a happier life!

Source of Self Motivation – The Essence of Positivism in Life by Darren Williger – author of Self Motivation – The Essence of Positivism in Life article

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