The Top 5 Sexiest Ways to Seduce Your Man Tonight – Get Him Rock Hard in a Matter of Seconds!

If you think that your sex life is lacking and that you aren’t giving your man the kind of satisfaction that he is looking for, then you need to do something about it. You need to realize that women can take control in the bedroom as well. You can be a dominating force against your man and you can drive him wild. Instead of waiting for him to always make the first move, it’s time you did it.

You need to learn the top 5 sexiest ways to seduce your man tonight so you can learn how to give him the kind of pleasure and satisfaction that he wants. You can make him have one of the most powerful orgasms of his life and you are going to do just that tonight.

The first sexy seduction tip is to use some super sexy foreplay on him. For those women who really want to spice things up, try giving your man a lapdance. Crack open a bottle of wine to allow your inhibitions to let a little loose and when before you two get into the bedroom, spice things up with a little lapdance. Putting on a show for your man not only gets him in the mood, but it also gets you in the mood as well. You become more in tune and in touch with your sexuality and therefore, you become a more sexually confident woman.

The second way to seduce a man is to be more vocal with him. Telling your man what you want in the bedroom or telling him what you are going to do to him, livens up sex so much. Your voice offers him so much stimulation that will literally drive him wild. Speaking to him in that sexy, raspy voice will certainly make him happy in the bedroom.

The next tip is to get a little kinky on him. This doesn’t mean that you have to take things overboard and start using some hardcore fetish things on him, but blindfolding him during foreplay will certainly get him aroused. You can also tie him up with some handcuffs to get him going. Using a little light bondage can certainly add to the mix and can get him aroused.

The fourth seduction tip is to get on top and take control. When you first pounce on him to initiate sex, you have his full attention, front and center. He then knows that you mean business and that any joking around comes to a halt right now. As well, when you take control of him, it gets him turned on faster than ever before.

The final sexiest way to seduce a man is to dress up in a role playing costume. Every man has his own little fantasy in regards to this, so ask your man what he wants and surprise him one evening with a cute little outfit. He will take you into the bedroom immediately.

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