Wedding Wine Label

What could be better than putting your congratulations for the happy couple on a wedding wine label just for them? Anyone can buy a bottle of wine, but how many of them are going to think about putting a personal label on it? Not too many I'll bet. Not only would you be giving them something unique, but I bet it's something that they always remember, and I bet they held onto that bottle long after the wine is gone. Now, if you're a little sentimental you will order two of those labels and send them the second bottle on one of their anniversaries. You could even use something like this for the night you propose. Title the wine "Please Say You Will" and tie the ring around the bottle. Then just have it out and pour her the glass of wine so that the light shines on the ring. When you put it down make sure she can read the label, and then wait for an answer. I bet it is something she will not soon, if ever, forget.

Wedding wine labels do not have to be just for weddings. You could do something like this for the twenty-fifth anniversary with the original date on the label. Title it something "Sterling Memories" in their honor. You could also do something like "Golden Dreams" for the fifteenth anniversary celebration. Hey, with the divorce rates the way they are you might not want to wait that long and think up something that you could use for the five or ten-year anniversary instead.

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