What Are Wontons?

“What are wontons?” is a question typically asked by people all over the world who want to experience Chinese cuisine. Food is a unique experience throughout China, and the different tastes and flavors are incredibly important to this culture. The variety and cooking methods of the wontons will vary throughout China depending on where you are located.

Wontons are a savory form of dumpling, and they are traditionally boiled and placed in soup. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to deep fry these delicious snacks, although this is Americanized rather than authentic. This form of wonton is often served as snacks or appetizers and is not traditionally served in restaurants in China.

A Closer Look at Wontons

In Chinese, the word wonton means “swallowing clouds”, which is perfect as the wonton floating in the soup resembles clouds. Wontons are included in the staple diet throughout China and are traditionally prepared by all of the family. This small snack is far more than simply food – it has significant meaning to traditional Chinese families.

Making the wontons will be a huge event, where everyone gathers around the kitchen table to prepare the tempting snack. They were traditionally made on New Year’s Eve and handed out to friends and family as they entered the house.

Other cultures have begun to make their own variety of wonton; however, if you want to understand what are wontons, you will need to look at the Chinese variety. There are several different fillings and flavors for the wontons, and exploring the huge variety is part of the fun.

Different Fillings for Wontons

Meat, vegetables and seafood are the base for all wontons, and when exploring what are wontons, you need to understand the ingredients behind the flavors.

Traditional wontons are incredibly simple, yet extremely flavorsome. The basic ingredients will combine pork, with ginger and spring onion, creating the perfect wonton.

Other popular ingredients include soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil, all of which are full of flavor and easy to use. Chicken, cheese, pumpkin and prawns are also popular fillings, depending on the style of wonton you prefer. The shape of the wonton will also vary, and this will often determine where it originated.

Traditionally wontons are created with a square wrapper which is made from egg and flour. The ingredients are placed in the center of this skin, and all four sides are gathered and pinched. This will create the ideal parcel for your ingredients to be held before cooking, whether you are working on seafood wontons, meat ones or another kind.

Whether you want to enjoy these snacks at home, or experience them in a restaurant, they are simply divine.

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