Wine 101 For The Connoisseur-To-Be

Just getting started in your education on fine wines? Here is some Wine 101 for beginning your adventure. The correct point to start is selecting a wine, and then being able to professionally taste it, in other words, knowing what to look for when tasting the brand. This Wine 101 is for the up and coming connoisseur, someone who will be accredited and revered as the expert in quality wines.

There are so many different kinds of wine, you might feel somewhat intimidated with all the choices. But wine is like many things where there are many types to chose from. Buying a car is not much different. Some people like sedans, some like convertibles, some like big four-wheel-drive pickups. The best thing to do is take some time to try some wines and work out which you like the best. As you go forward with your trial period, you will learn wine and its attraction more than ever before.

Start out by going to a wine shop and buying a few bottles. Or visit a winery. Make your choices diversified, including some international brands. Perhaps you'll like one of those and can settle right away on the kind of wine you prefer.

Sometimes it may take more experimentation, but ever you will find the wine you like, whether red wine or white wine, a table wine or country wine. You might like the new wines that Martha Stewart recently introduced through Gallo Winery. Whichever you love the most, your decision will most definitely be based on your personal preferences, and that is what is important.

When you are testing the different brands you purchased, you can also try them with different foods. Light wines go better with foods like cheese and dark wines may taste better with meat. You decide. You'll do that by tasting the wines and choosing one that tastes best to you.

Of course, you need more Wine 101 in the tasting process, as this is key in judging the wine you are trying. There are five key points you need to know in tasting:

* First use your sense of smell. Smell the cork first. Ensure there is no moldy or cardboard smelling indicating the wine was stored improperly.

* Next smell the wine in the glass. It should always smell fruity and fresh.

* Next use your sight. Look at the wine by holding it up in the glass and make sure it is transparent. It should be clean. Ensure there's no browning or yellow coloring.

* Spin the wine in the glass. Notice the tiers, which should move fast on the glass if there is enough alcohol content in the wine. If there is not, the wine will have a flat taste.

* Taste the wine. It should not taste moldy.

So that is your hint on becoming a connoisseur on the subject of wine in this small Wine 101 lesson. Wine is an entire culture, and you are now starting on the road to being a true expert.

Source of Wine 101 For The Connoisseur-To-Be by Jim Mandl – author of Wine 101 For The Connoisseur-To-Be article

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