Wine Cellar Equipment

There are many kinds of equipment that is essential to make a proper wine cellar. These include wine coolers, wine refrigerators, storage systems and wine racks, among others. Each of these serves different purposes and aids the wine enthusiast to properly maintain his / her wine collection.

Wine coolers and wine refrigerators are very essential to a wine cell as they help in maintaining the correct temperature of the wine bottles. Ideal storage conditions are 13 degrees Celsius or about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature enables the wine to retain its taste and flavor and results it from spoiling. The coolers vary in size, some having the capacity to hold two to four bottles, while others have larger capacities of up to 50 bottles.

In order to maintain the ideal storage conditions, a temperature regulating device and a thermostat are also installed in a wine cellar. The temperature regulating device maintains the ideal temperature of the wine cellar, where the thermostat indicates the temperature of the wine cellular and helps us know if the temperature is too high or too low.

Wine racks serve the purpose of carefully storing the wine bottles in the correct manner. There are many different kinds of wine racks available such as wooden racks, metal racks and wrought iron racks. These are differentiated depending on their size and storage capacity. There are racks available for storing only two bottles while some can accomodate as many as 50 bottles. One can select an appropriate wine rack, depending on the need and preference.

Many wine cellars also have tasting tables, which have the provision of holding a number of wine bottles and tasting cups. These help people to taste different kinds of wines that the cell has and then choose the one they like best. Usually these are not very large, but some people, when getting their own cellars made, have large tasting tables built.

Source of Wine Cellar Equipment by Max Bellamy – author of Wine Cellar Equipment article

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