Wine in California

When you think of great wine you often do not think of California wine but you will be pleasantly surprised. California has proved itself as a state that produces some amazing wines which are sold all over the world. An amazing 90% of all American wine comes from California and it has many different varieties to choose from, you will never tire of trying the wine that comes from the vineyards in California.

The Spanish missionaries planted the first vineyards back in the 18th century and the wine industry has grown rapidly since. These missionaries wanted some wine to serve with mass and felt that they could produce great wine in the climate that California offers. There are now over 1200 wineries in the state and the production in California is one third larger than the whole of Australia. If California was in fact a country on its own then it would have become the fourth largest wine producer in the world.

California produces over 2 billion liters of wine every year and is very close behind Spain, France and Italy as the main producers. The wine that is produced in California is very diverse and the state offers over 100 different varieties of grape. These are turned into some of the most popular wines, including Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot. The profit that is made from the wine industry in California is greater than any other in America.

The climate varies very in California, which helps to produce such a wide range of grapes and helps to produce the top quality wine that is manufactured today. The different elements of the weather help to produce all of the different grapes and ensure that every one is high quality and unique to the area in which it was grown. While old style wines are produced in huge quantities in California they also make more distinct new world wines. These are simpler to make and taste refreshing as the warm climate allows the wineries to use very ripe fruits in their wines.

Although many wine snobs still do not feel that California describes the recognition that they receive for their wine making skills. They have proved themselves time and time again that they do produce very good wine which is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Although the wine making did take a slump in the 1920's the wine producers proved that with determination and effort they could once produce wine and did it bigger and better than before.

In 1976 California produced wine for a wine tasting competition in Paris and with the judges doing blind taste testing. The French judges voted the California wine to be the best in every group which amazed every entrant there. As a result of this finally people began to take California seriously and they received the recognition that deserved. Since then they have gone onto win several more times and the wine industry continues to benefit. If you want great tasting wine the next time you go and buy some ensure you take a look at the Californian selected you will be surprised.

Source of Wine in California by Rene Michel – author of Wine in California article

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