Wine Making 101 – How to Make Grape Wine Through Fermentation

If you're wondering how to make grape wine, you've come to the right place. Wine making is not difficult, however you need a few things to get started. But before anything else, here is wine making at its core:

Making the wine

  1. Pick lots of ripe grapes from your grapevine or from other grapevines that you have access to
  2. Place all the grapes in a big container that is not leaking
  3. Crush the grapes for the juice to be released and then wait

What is fermentation

Indeed, at its core wine making is that simple. Of course, for a serious wine maker these steps are much more refined. For example once the grapes are crushed the sugar present in the grapes will get into contact with yeast which turns that sugar into pure alcohol. Once yeast's work is done, the grape juice that has originated from the crushed grapes becomes your wine. The sugar is gone by the time your alcoholic drink is ready. This described process is called fermentation.

Fermentation is actually a natural process that really takes place alone without any person's interaction. Of course you need to put the grapes in the big container and crush the grapes for the juice to be released, however other than that, fermentation will take its course on its own.

As a side note, did you know that you most likely came across fermentation in your own fridge without to know it? If you had at any time fresh apple cider that was left too much in your fridge, you most likely noticed something strange with it. It went through a fermentation process.

While the process of fermentation occurs naturally, we do need to do a couple of things for the beverage to get to a really great taste that we after all want to enjoy. This is why people need to learn how to make grape wine, simply because fermentation alone is not enough for it to get a wonderful taste. You can help it alone by doing a couple of things such as using the right container for the grapes. The two main container material that you should be using are either oak wood or stainless steel.

Also it is important to know about the container size and the temperature that the grape juice needs to be in during the fermentation process. And let's not forget that the type of grapes you add into the mix will contribute to the taste that you will get when your beverage is ready. And another important aspect of wine making is letting it mature. This means simply how long you will let it sit before it is ready to be consumed. And as a final point, do not forget the aspect of actually serving and drinking it.

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