Wine Making – Fruit Or Concentrate?

When it comes to wine making at home, the varieties and combination’s are truly limitless. As a beginner wine maker, should you start first with fruit, or juice concentrate?

Both options are equally desirable to achieve a fantastic quality of wine. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Fruit Wine (wine made from real fruit)

Here are some of the good points about using real fruit.

*Fruit selection. Not only are we talking about what variety of fruit to use, we are also dealing with finding our fruit at the best possible stage of ripeness. Fruit that a supermarket might deem to be too ripe to sell, could possibly be at the perfect stage for wine making. On most occasions if you can locate your choice at the top state of being ripe, you may not need to add any sugar to the must at all.

There are many other pluses for the real fruit side of the coin, however, I should bring to light a few of the les than stellar points as well. Since you will be using whole fruit that is diced or mashed somewhat, there will be the skin and other sediment that you will have to deal with. This can be handled partly by placing the fruit in a sort of bag, or containment cloth, which will hold the bigger pieces and larger sediment. Even with this in place, you may find it necessary to do more rackings than with a juice or concentrate mix.

Wine from juice or concentrate

For a beginning wine maker, this is the better option. Many people, when first starting out, will purchase a wine kit, which includes all of the essentials needed to make wine. Along with the needed ingredients, you will also have a set of fairly decent instructions that take you through the process from start to finish. Making wine from juice is pretty straight forward and quite easily done by anyone.

As a summary, both methods of real fruit, or juice are fine for making wine at home. If you are just starting out, and this is your very first attempt, I suggest starting out with a wine making kit.

Source of Wine Making – Fruit Or Concentrate? by Tim Ackley – author of Wine Making – Fruit Or Concentrate? article

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