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Eyelasticity is the 'Likeable' Way to Sexy Young Eyes

You know of Botox. You've heard that some consumers will pay big money for a facelift operation. But according to new research, the people who do so are unlikeable.

And conversely, people who fight aging with healthier, less intrusive methods are generally more agreeable and viewed with greater respect.

This is all according to recent studies conducted by the University of Toronto and published in July in the Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Science. And it's yet another reason why best eye cream for wrinkles should be your method of choice to treat fine lines, wrinkles and age around the eyes.

Woman Who Use Botox Considered Vain

In the first study, researchers asked 260 women to read about a woman who was between 50 and 70 and used either a facial cream or Botox to look younger. Half of the participants were young, with an average age of 18. The other half was older, around 70.

The older women were generally more accepting of anti-aging techniques than the younger women. But all of the participants, whether young or older, felt the woman was more likeable if she used a best eye cream for wrinkles instead of Botox.

In a second experiment, a hundred female participants read about women who'd used one of four anti-aging techniques: sun avoidance, a best eye cream for wrinkles, Botox or a surgical facelift.

Once again, the women who went with less intrusive methods to look younger were viewed as warm and more likeable compared to women who underwent expensive, more extreme measures.

The best eye cream for wrinkles Advantage

best eye cream for wrinklesHaving said this, there is no connection between best eye cream for wrinkles and the studies. The results are independent of all clinical research by the Skinception line of products.

But it does suggest that an eye cream like best eye cream for wrinkles is a perfectly acceptable way to treat age around the eyes, and there may be negative social consequences to Botox and surgical facelift procedures.

The results are particularly compelling when you consider that best eye cream for wrinkles treats fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes with comparable results as those Botox injections that cause so much controversy, to say nothing of fact that best eye cream for wrinkles is more cost-effective.

The Secret's in the "best eye cream for wrinkles" Formula

For example, take Regu-age, a patented peptide in best eye cream for wrinkles. In a clinical study, Regu-age reduced dark under-eye circles by up to 35% and with a 32% reduction in puffiness. And Eyeseryl, another ingredient in the best eye cream for wrinkles formula, improved puffiness in 95% of study participants.

But it's the Pro-Coll-One+ that really puts out the jaw-dropping numbers, with a clinically proven 1,190% increase in collagen production. And in best eye cream for wrinkles, it's ideally concentrated for best results, with fewer fine lines, tighter skin and younger eyes.

And yet, don't mistake best eye cream for wrinkles for a synthetic cream. Has anyone ever told you to place green tea bags over your eyes to treat puffiness? That's because green tea bags contain an antioxidant called EGCC, which tightens skin and is 200 times more powerful an antioxidant than vitamin E.

best eye cream for wrinkles's formulated with Camellia Sinensis - green tea leaf extract. The same principle as putting tea bags on your eyes, minus the tea bags.

But you'll really like the value with best eye cream for wrinkles. A $289.95 purchase for a six month supply and two free bottles and free shipping in the United States. The cost of Botox? About four times as much. For similar results, without the stigma.

See what's going on here? You can achieve Botox-like results, with less age around the eyes and enjoy the respect of your peers. Look younger naturally, with best eye cream for wrinkles.

best eye cream for wrinkles : The Proof is in the Formula

Wanna know how you can really tell someone's age? Wrinkles speak volumes. So does grey or white hair, or less of it, on many of us. But perhaps the most effective way to gauge how many years someone has spent in this life is to look at their eyes.

Age shows around the eyes, folks. Arguably more than anywhere on the body.

The three evils of eye aging are expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. And when combined, they pack a wallop.

Do you want to look young? Do you miss getting asked for ID when you buy alcohol? Do you miss the flirtatious exchanges with attractive members of the opposite sex? Then pay attention. There's going to be a quiz after this.

You can reduce the effects of age around the eyes. And you don't have to do it with Botox either. Want to look younger? eye-aging Age-Defying Eye Therapy.

eye-agingYes, we know. There are many anti-aging creams and eye products at the drug store that you can pick up the next time you buy soap. But they don't do what eye-aging does, because they're rarely formulated with active ingredients that are potent enough to stimulate collagen around the eyes. They don't reduce signs of aging. And they don't do this:

They don't do these things because they're not formulated to do so. They don't have Eyeseryl, they're missing Syn-ake and they certainly don't have ProCollOne+. eye-aging has these peptides, and they're among several reasons why eye-aging Age-Defying Eye Therapy is the most convenient and least intrusive way to show the world you've got beautiful young eyes, regardless of age.

Want proof that eye-aging works? Let's pop the hood, so to speak, on eye-aging Age-Defying Eye Therapy and see what makes it the best anti-aging eye cream available for your hard-earned dollar:

Eyeseryl - A patented tetrapeptide, Eyeseryl recently won the "Best New Technology" award by Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine. In recent eye-aging clinical studies, Eyeseryl reduced under-eye puffiness in 95% of study participants.

Syn-ake - While claims of "topical Botox" are plentiful, Syn-ake actually has the goods to back up claims to that lofty title. A synthetic peptide, Syn-ake blocks specific receptor sites in muscle tissue and prevents the contractions that cause wrinkles and expression lines. Research of eye-aging shows that Syn-ake inhibits such contractions by up to 82%.

Regu-age - Another tool in eye-aging's arsenal, Regu-age was created specifically to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In a clinical study, of eye-aging 20 participants, Regu-age reduced dark circles by an average of 35%, and puffiness by 32%.

ProCollONe+- Get ready for plenty of collagen - a 2% concentration of ProCollONe+ recently stimulated collagen fibroblasts by an astounding 1,190%! And it's placed in ideal concentrations in eye-aging to work with the skin under the eyes which, at 0.5 mm, is the thinnest skin of the body and is susceptible to tearing.

eye-aging packs a wallop, no doubt. And it's loaded with patented peptides to stimulate the collagen matrix under the eyes and botanicals like green tea extract and beta glucan to gently nourish the skin in this delicate area. Tightening and thickening, for a younger, beautiful pair of eyes.

Get the picture? You can have young, and yes, sexy, eyes. With best eye cream for wrinkles you'll take years off your age!