Benefits of Convection Oven Chicken Recipe

Why should you change over to convection cooking for oven chicken recipe?

Baking chicken in a gas oven or traditional radiant oven is passe. Nowadays, using convection oven for the purpose of baking is the best method for cooking oven chicken recipes. There are many different reasons for this but the most important reason is that the time it takes to make the dish reduces by around 30% as compared to a traditional oven.

The idea behind this is the use of fans in a turbo oven to regulate hot air. Ovens work by heating the air present within it and in turn heating the item placed within them. Turbo ovens by using moving air to cook chicken, do not require you to regularly open the oven and flip the chicken over. Not only that there will be, no cool and hot spots on the baked chicken thus, giving a completely cooked meal. This is advantageous when cooking for vegans because vegetables when partly cooked can taste awful. With fan ovens, you can even make great stews daily.

When preparing light meals, using a fan oven is great as it makes them quick and preserves the nutritional value as well. Any oven chicken recipe that requires a long time to cook will also require a high temperature setting. With fan ovens, you can do the same dish at low temperatures and in a shorter duration because of which the nutritional values ​​of the dish remain intact. You also save electricity because of the above said reasons as well.

When you are cooking for a party, it is often a pain baking chicken items. Switching over to fan ovens will save you the pain in making great tasting oven chicken dishes. Try making baked chicken legs with paprika powder in a turbo oven. You will only have to bake for a meager 20 minutes at a low temperature of 120 ° and your dish is ready. Even if you run out of chicken legs during the party, you can stack up on marinated chicken and just put them in the oven and have it ready in 20 minutes. Thanks to turbo ovens you will not miss any part of your party and never run out of finger food as well.

Other than these advantages, in a convection oven it does not matter where you place the items to be baked, they bake uniformly well irrespective. So, you can simultaneously make two to three items in a fan oven. In every party, you will have to cook for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. This is often quite a hassle with traditional ovens. You will have to make each item one after the other. But, with a large fan oven all you have to do is put all the dishes together and set the temperature and timer. Voila! You got yourself multiple party dishes hassle free.

Making oven chicken recipe has never been this easy and quick. If you have not yet changed over to a convection oven system, then do so before your next party and call your friends and family and treat them to a memorable soul experience.

Source of Benefits of Convection Oven Chicken Recipe by Glinda Acre – author of Benefits of Convection Oven Chicken Recipe article

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