Best Yummy Ways to Celebrate National Cookie Day

Did you know that the English word “cookie” is derived from the Dutch word “koekje,” meaning, “little cake?” Before baking the entire cake, Dutch bakers used to test oven temperatures with minimal amounts of batter. The concept behind this is if the oven temperature had not reached the proper heat, only a small amount of batter would be wasted. This led to the discovery of small pieces of tasty cooked batter. These treats are known today as cookies!

The fantastic thing about cookies is that they come in varieties of shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. July 9th is officially National Cookie Day, and it’s safe to assume that many people enjoy cookies. Here are some yummy ways to celebrate National Cookie Day.

Baking Cookies With Your Kids

Of course, it’s customary to bake cookies on National Cookie Day! If possible, bake some cookies with kids. Have them read the recipe, measure the ingredients, and prepare the dough. As we all know, the easiest of all to prepare are sugar cookies. Make them spoon the dough onto the cookie sheets. Teach them how to roll the dough and how much dough is required per cookie. And make sure they don’t touch the cookies once they’re finished and burn their fingers. When the cookies are cooled, give them the chance to decorate to bring out their creativity.

After the cookies are cooled, show them how to use icing and give them the necessary tools to spread the icing on the cookies. When they are done, take a picture of the cookie along with your kid. Put these pictures up for display on the bulletin board and invite your friends over for a cookie swap!

Celebration Ideas for Toddlers

Start off with a batch of homemade Playdough. One cup of flour, 1/4 cup of salt, one cup of water and one tablespoon of tartar cream is all that is needed in order to make Playdough. Take a bowl, mix all of the ingredients listed above, and cook it over a medium flame until the mix represents a soft ball.

Toddlers are more attracted toward colors, hence separate the dough into batches and add some variety of attractive food coloring to the dough. Colors can be abstract or realistic; for example, use brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry, lavender for blueberry, etc. There are several different options here!

When the dough is cooled, give it to them and show them how to form the cookies and how much is required per cookie. They will start to play and have a lot of fun when they begin to experiment. Buy toys like plastic cutters and wooden spatulas and teach them how to the tools.

Celebration Ideas For Teenagers

Teenagers are less likely to be interested in simulating cookie baking using Playdough. And although a lot of teenagers would be interested in baking them, there are some who will not. To get them involved, conduct a Cookie Tasting Party and let your teen taste and sell a variety of cookies.

Organize a stall for them and include some give-away gifts for everyone who buys cookies. Some give-away gift suggestions include wristbands and rings. Wristbands, in particular, are notable for being popular with people of all ages. Wristbands can be customized, so when selling wristbands, there will be a lot of variety for customers to choose from. Customize them in advance by adding a message such as “Happy National Cookie Day!” or “I Love Cookies“. Other customization options include choosing color, size, and design. And since wristbands are both lovable and attractive fashion accessories, people who are not a big fan of cookies will have a reason to buy them at least for the giveaway gifts.

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