Time and Temperature: A Key in Artisan Bread Baking

One would think that the main thing a baker should consider to create the perfect Artisan bread is the ingredients. But actually, the breads baked, perfect or not, have less to do with the ingredients. Yes, even if you add up a lot of extra ingredients, as previously written. A more important thing to consider is the process of baking it.

There are two things you can modify in the baking process. That is the time and temperature. One baker discussed the effects of these two in the character of your bread.

During the preparation:

Time: You should know by now that to extract sourer flavor in your Sourdough starter – one that is added in your Artisan dough, you should allocate a longer time for it to ferment.

Temperature: Your starter or your yeast is more active in warm temperature. When your starter or yeast is active, the dough rises faster. There are a lot of ways to alter the temperature and the rise of your dough. For example, you can heat up your over for 30 seconds, turn it off, and then place your dough inside.

The rise would be much quicker. Or if you have to go somewhere and stop the baking for a moment, you can place your dough inside your fridge. The coldness will make the rise slowly.

Time and temperature work in opposition during the rising process. If you increase the temperature, you decrease the time spent rising and if you decrease the temperature, you increase the time it takes to reach maximum rise.

During the baking process:

There is a rule that says if you want crusty bread, you should bake the dough at the highest temperature possible while you should bake soft breads at lower temperature. Also, obviously, the time spent on baking on a high temperature is faster. A baking stone will help in capturing more heat in case you wanted to bake rustic breads which require more heat.

Time and temperature works in tandem during the baking process. Getting the desired loaf of bread will be much easier as you go along with experimenting while baking.

Source of Time and Temperature: A Key in Artisan Bread Baking by Nikki Hernandez – author of Time and Temperature: A Key in Artisan Bread Baking article

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